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The clock is ticking to get married

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  1. I wish videos like this would end up on the pages of those tik tok/ social media bros who are quick to shame women in this regard. But الحمد لله one thing’s for sure, that qadr is in the hands of Allah swt and not them!

  2. this is a corrupt vision of marriage. There is one husband and one wife. You cannot possibly love all your spouses equally, you cannot. Christian marriage is the only correct way. Come to Jesus Christ the Son of God and repent your sins before it is too late. Jesus Christ is not a Muslim, but God incarnate. 🙏🙏🙏

  3. This message is destructive beyond human comprehension. It just further feeds the delusion people are already in.

    It is funny how we boast as Muslims that we are the fastest growing religion in terms of birth rate but at the same time tacitly and implicitly shun away the the very reason that increased our numbers in the first place.

    Spread message but with context. Without context, people will just rationalize their way out and get the invalid message.

  4. I don't think it's a good message for sisters to hear these days. It's already delayed enough and by 33 the pregnancy is called geriatric (as old people), making it exponentially dangerous for the mom and the baby. Saying it's fine no alarm bell at 30 or 35 is quite a disservice. Yes Allah can do anything but one is to take the asbab, the means

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