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  1. May Allah give you and the ummah the world peace happiness goodness in both worlds ameen and good health safety wealth barakath safety respect and may Allah give us every opportunity to give nd get happiness joy all in a halal way abundance in health wealth barakath unity understanding mohabbat all in a halal way goodness to one and all not leaving noone out may Allah forgive us and may our forgiveness and Jazakallah to Allah be genuine ameen may Allah be pleased with us n may we be grateful alhamdullilah ameen

  2. Main to kabhi ke elaan kar chuka hun jab Apne hamare bahane Khel rahe the kyunki Allah ne Ham ek hi man baap se paida Kiya hai furniture barse sab Bhai bahan hai main ab is game mein Jo main log Dena chahta hun 💓 ladke Jo sari Insaniyat jab Allah ka jo ajab najil hua tha to sab pareshan the to main sari Duniya ke jo abhi subah 4200 jo commity hai vah logon Ko bhi main lashen Dua karne ke liye appeal kiya tha Allah ke Ghar Makka shahar abhi main jitne bhi Allah ke Jo mehman the unko bhi main Dua karne ki appeal kiya tha bus Allah mujhe maaf karna hai kyunki main Allah ki sari Mukul khat ke liye Dua ki appeal kiya tha Koi Nek bandhuon ki Dua Kabul Hui vah mamla khatm Ho Gaya Allah se hamari yahi Dua hai yah hai hamare Walid mahatvpurn Ho chuke hain Allah unko khabar ke hisab se bachaye aur roje kayamat mein Allah Ko roza ki aankh se bachaye meri man Jinda hai vah kafi umra ke Hain vah vah bhi Haj kiye Hain khyal be khyal hai Allah unko bhi maaf farma bus mele man baap ke liye main hamesha Dua karte aaya hun 💓 Allah Bada phool Rahim hai Allah Ham sabko maaf farmae Ameen yameen

  3. Ya Allah we have booked our(FAMILY OF 6) flight for 16 wed 2022 for australia, we also have started packing, BUT we didnt recieve our PR…..!!!!! PLS YA ALLAH GANT US THE PR YA ALLAH, MY FATHER FACES PANIC ATTACKS AT WORK FEARING BECAUSE WE DIDNT RECIEVE OUR GRANT! Anyone reading this pleas make dua for me and my family for this and for hidaya

  4. Please make Dua for me brothers and sisters. I want to get into my dream college and do bds InshaAllah 🥺 May Allah swt accept my prayers and make me a hardworking person. Ameen sumaAmeen

  5. i know this might sound stupid. but i always have made du3a for others….and then their du3as come true. but mine doesn´t. and then i find out that they don+t make du3a for me and i don´t want to do it for them. espescially when they are acting very arrogant against you and telling you that you don´t have to be jealous and say hurtfull words as if they were not struggling just like i did.

  6. ALLAH I HOPE YOU GIVE ME A* IN ALL OF MY SUBJECTS U KNOW THAT MY MOM PAID SO MUCH MONEY, I KNOW U HELPED HER TO PAY SO MUCH allah please I can't make u and her upset, please give me the knowledge to get a* in all subjects please Allah
    Inshallah I will get a*

  7. I wish Allah fulfils everyone's wish
    I wish everyone lives happily
    I wish Allah forgive everyone's mistake
    I wish everyone get good grades and get successful in this life and here after
    I wish everyone live a healthy and happy life
    Ameen… 🤲🏻
    Inshallah ✨

  8. I Call on You Allah & I Give You Praises & Worship You With All My Loving Heart & I Love Praising You & Worshipping You Allah So Be Praised & Worshipped By Me Jim Royster Now Amen? You Are Thy Almighty One & Great One Allah Bless it Be & Mote it Be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I don't hold grudges against Muslims but I don't want to keep watching videos hoping for something to happen while the person that I count on is not even focus on me 😭😭😭

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