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All False Gods Cannot Create a Fly or Get Back Anything It Takes Away – Dr Zakir Naik

All False Gods Cannot Create a Fly or Get Back Anything It Takes Away – Dr Zakir Naik

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  1. Assalamu alaikkum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu , should i stay in my non muslim country due to  my birth place here or for dawah ,when we have option to migrate to better live in islamic sharia? Jazakumullahu khairan .

  2. La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah – لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله – there is no other God but Allah and Mohammad SAW is His prophet.

  3. To distinguish between lies, false God, false prophets, false scriptures, false religions, false worship, etc., the previous scriptures sent by God must all be true to confirm the new ones. To confirm the Qur’an, what preceded it (the Bible) must be the truth. The preceding facts (the entire Bible) must confirm the Qur'an. The gospel of the Bible must not be corrupt, partly true and partly false, because it makes the one true God who previously sent these scriptures corrupt, irresponsible, foolish, and not all-powerful and all-wise to protect His holy words sent to mankind.

    The only true God will use His powerful power to protect all His previously sent words from corruption to validate and confirm any new scripture He sends. Otherwise, false prophets will speak in God's name to deceive people. Or a false god (fallen angels, demons) will speak to deceive humans into worshipping them as the only One true Almighty God. The authenticity of the Qur’an cannot be proven if the previous Gospel was distorted and false. This is why the one true God must preserve His previously sent Holy words.

    God promised the Messiah (Jesus Christ) to Israel and they were waiting for the Messiah. Muslims believe that God is so foolish, irresponsible, negligent and corrupt that He did not protect the Gospel given to the Messiah (Jesus Christ), and now the final revelation is the Qur'an, and everyone must believe in the revelation of Muhammad (the Qur'an). It makes Muhammad's God very stupid, a liar, a great deceiver and not the true God.

    For these reasons, the God mentioned in the Qur’an, is the stupidest being ever, and the God of Muhammad is false, fake, a liar, and an evil spirit.

  4. СубханалЛах, Закир Найк уже довольно старый, но тем не менее так же радует своими проповедями и мудростью, которую он накопил за свою жизнь. Да воздаст ему Аллах благом!

  5. But still Awla did not know His message would pass better with a literate and in a populated area instead of a desert.
    There was no Book for 200 years then suddenly ..magic!(in the bad sense)

  6. АльхамдулиЛлах☝️Закир Найк,наш любимец всех мусульман кроме суфистов и шиитом☝️🧔❤👍👍👍

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