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They are HIDING the TRUTH about Sydney Attacks!

The Muslim Community is fed up with the double standards and hypocrisy Australian politicians, police and media are showing in light of recent events.

It needs to be called out and people need to be held to account!

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  1. They just need this formula "middle eastern + violent act= terrorist" but what if Korean muslim + violent act = ??? aaah im confused mate 😂what should we call it?

  2. (لتبلون فى أموالكم وأنفسكم ولتسمعن من الذين أوتو الكتب من قبلكم ومن الذين أشركو أذىً كثيراً وإن تصبروا وتتقوا فإن ذلك من عزم الأمور )

  3. NOTHING is going to change. Firstly, no one will ever reach the position of Commisioner or Assistant Commisioner if they're not of 3 things, either Masonic, Masonic Zionist or with a Jewish background. Secondly, ushering in the age of complete surveillance relies on these tactics , so I commend you for trying, but the sad reality is nothing but wishful thinking.

  4. Do you think you will be admitted into Paradise without being tested like those before you? They were afflicted with suffering and adversity and were so ˹violently˺ shaken that ˹even˺ the Messenger and the believers with him cried out, “When will Allah’s help come?” Indeed, Allah’s help is ˹always˺ near. (2 : 214)

    This is the nature of this world against the Muslims in all eras brothers. Expect this and stand firm in your faith and seek justice. Allah is promoting Islam through these measures.

  5. 1. Knife attacker has mental problem and he called police before he killed peoples in a shopping mall.
    2. He killed random peoples not religious peoples.
    3. He killed people in Shopping Mall not in a church.
    4. That muslim attacker said it himself he did that because he insult religion of piece.
    5. That Muslim attacker scream Allah is greatest when he did that attack.

  6. 1:23 Consider voting Greens at number 1, house of Reps as well as Senate, people.
    They are the only (semi-)major party not completely betrothed to the US defence alliance.

  7. I dont understand why you should say, 'the natrative is going unchallenged', while showing a man clearly challenging the inbalance in what looks like a government enquiry?

    Looking at this comment section it is clear that it is you who seem to be stirring up your community, & God forbid that some of your minors or men misunderstand your directions and rise up in ways that bring further shame & dishonour on the whole Islamic community in Australia..

    Work must be done on both sides of this situation to bring Muslims & non-muslims closer together..

    You may need to make it clear that you are not calling for uprisings like that of the young Muslim who attacked the bishop & other church members just to be clear to your listeners..

    Writing to local government members, & to other organisations that can table your complaints & concerns to find real solutions is a more positive way forward..

    It will go better for your community if you are seen to take the higher road, & to be seen to be a positive, compassionate part of the solution..

    I didn't hear you say, we hope the bishop & other clergy are recovering well?

    Whereas, the Prime Minister of Australia actually visited the brave Muslim security guards Islamic community, and honoured that courageous Pakistani Muslim security guard who was killed in the line of duty in that horrible Bondi Junction mass murder..

    We need to live together on this Island, we all need to make an effort to close the gap and build understanding between Muslim & non-muslim communities..

    Many Muslim men & women are working hard in Australia to lift the profile of the Islamic community, they are shining the way forward for all Muslims..

    That is the way to win hearts in Australia..

    We in Australia have a tendency to love the Aussie battler, whether they are a Muslim Aussie battler, or non-muslim Aussie battler..

    That means whoever works hard & builds their life in a way that can be admired, regardless of race or religion, will always win Aussie hearts..

    We love those types of success stories..

    The flip side is that Aussies don't take well to whingers..

    Australians don't warm up to folks who are constantly crying out and complaining, woe is me..😢

    We don't respect that, we see it as weakness in character, and nothing to be proud of..

    Any real complaints your community have it's best to go through the proper channels, police, local members of government, or you could write to the federal minister who deals with specific issues, to resolve your matters that way..

    In doing that you will preserve the dignity of Islam and every Muslim community in Australia..

    I hope some of this will be an encouragement and help to some of your supporters..

    Lets work together for peaceful change.. 👍🏆

  8. Oh please!! They were totally opposite events. One was Schizophrenic and known as mentally unwell since young adulthood, the other shouted Allahu Akbah and tried to stab the priest because of what he said against Islam and he admitted it. Don't use shame to stop you rooting out terrorism in your midst. Terrorists don't care if they kill Muslims too remember. Muslims were killed on Oct 7th in Israel too. Stand up against violent extremism, stand up for the next innocent victims who could be of any faith or none. Please! You don't see Catholics doing this stuff. Stop excusing violence in your midst. Talk to the youth and TELL them NOT to commit acts of violence in Allah's name as if they know that Allah loves violence. Teach them better, you have them in the mosques so be there to teach them right from wrong.

  9. The greens senator also exposed the actions of AFP / etc when in Jan or Feb this year , they tried to get a 13 year old kid with Autism to commit a heinous crime !!!!!!!

  10. the irony you answered your own question with the parliament video, yes that video of petrol bomb is terrorism. and so is the guy who stabbed the priest because it was an attack on ideology and religion. the bondi beach stabber didn't have some ideology to bounce off to attack. simple asf

  11. the superior 'race' and superior 'religion' the juis have been selling gate against muslims and arabs for over 70 years in the media and they have the nerve to say they were victims of discimination in the past!!!!! That is no longer valid or believable, as their huge lies these days about Gaza shows. Turned out they have been always lying and stealing americas money and weapons

  12. If you want to be a radical islamist than Australia is not for you nor is any country that isn't an Islamic State. This is the same issues on every single country and on every single continent.

  13. "A 16 year old with apparent mental health issues…" So what you are implying here is that Islamic terrorists are sane?
    "It is clear that the phrase terrorism is being used as a weapon to selectively marginalize the Muslim community."

    In this year alone to date 2024, Worldwide:
    772 people have been killed by Islamic terrorists or honour killings. 772 people (that is within 4 months)
    688 people have been injured.
    158 attacks.
    ASIO have every right to be concerned. The Australian community have every right to be concerned.

    With stats like this, of course people are going to automatically think that attacks are religiously motivated. Because these events and numbers prove time and again that you operate with an ideology that violent in nature.
    Stop blaming the authorities.
    Take responsibility and apologize to the victims.
    Review your Islamic ideology so that you are able to co-exist with other non-Islamic people and act in a way that doesn't infringe on non-Islamic people's rights.

  14. Divide and conquer that's what the Corporations want, they want us to destroy one another and NOT to wake up and stand up to their evil slavery system!

  15. People Fear What They Fail/dont To Understand , I feel like this is my fault a lil bit for instigating pride in my new found sense of freedom maybe I’m trippin n it’s not ? How can a bible that’s written in the Middle East or whose characters kicked off there be whitewashed and accepted , There was no bloke called Mathew Luke Or John in that area in that time , my Aussie family will accept The Middle East bible outlook but not the Islamic? When all I see is Islam saying , God has No Sons He Doesn’t give birth . Deuteronomy talks about the old law , don t sacrifice bulls with crushed testicles but only Islam is outdated in the narrative it’s a grand balls up . What about the war on Afghanistan, then bush wants to bring Democracy to Iraq , it’s been proven by engineers that the twin towers must have been an inside job but Islam was the scapegoat, the masses bought the lie hook line n sinker n have hated Islam ever since . They refuse to accept they allowed an inside job that happens daily to go unpunished. Like Joseph being taken into captivity was used to glorify our Creator so must this be . Politicians obviously must get incentives to push this narrative of fear , There’s wayward youth in every demographic I know what it’s like to have parents move somewhere n have to grow up not from there feeling the angst. The differences in calendars n systems is evident n there’s only one system given air to breath none of us know of any other system n anything representative of proud difference gets put out quick smart . I’m Aussie n I can see the indoctrination clear as day that the media paints or portrays . I love my Islamic bros that kept me walking with my chin up n not threw hate either ya know ,n it’s not hatred as an attack but as a forced defence . Why can’t we understand our differences n see through the bullshit .Dont Believe The Hype Yo
    God Is Great . I’m sitting in a pub with no chef at the moment eating green curry n rice typing this at my table n I’m not drinking either , which is big for me . If America wasn’t playing Daddy to the rest of the world maybe folks wouldn’t need to escape their homelands in the first place . I feel for the Proud n humble Islamic families that cop stick from those that only wanna believe the news not understanding the media is there not only for them but is owned n run & orchestrated to a T to bombard minds n hearts so they can control what they call the herd . Allahu Akbar Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI

  16. We all know the agenda of all these Zionist politicians at the end of the day humanity needs to unite against all forms of lies and oppression regardless of race, religion of people. We all human.

  17. The Sydney mass murderer had a diagnosis of schizophrenia for many years & was off his medication, he targeted mainly women because he was angry that he was rejected by other women.

    The attacker of the bishop & the other clergy members shouted the islamic slogan & later said, (while being held on the floor), if the bishop hadn't spoken against his prophet he wouldn't have gone there, therefore it was definitely a religiously motivated revenge attack meant to instill terror..

    If it was a Christian running into a mosque shouting Jesus is Lord while attacking the cleric & mosque members that would also be rightly labelled a religiously motivated terror attack..

    There is no prejudice here..

    It is what it is..

    Let us all hope & pray that neither type of crime is carried out again in Australia..

  18. And btw what is really weird is i saw a post about this pastor actually suppporting the palestinian cause just a day be4 he was stabbed a d not just that but this pastor was insulting islam for so long so that makes you question, y would this kid choose this specific time to carry out such acts and not be4 i find this thing very suspicious, maybe they also radicalized this kid like they tried to do with the 13 yr old

  19. Muslims are treated with gross unfairness because you are beautiful people in an ugly world.
    I’m sorry this is happening to you all. I scream about it but I’m screaming into the void.
    It’s so so wrong.

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