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The Muslim Convert GENIUS bringing Islam to Apple

In our latest episode of Muslims Explored we cover the story of Australia’s Award winning designer, Peter Gould.

We unpack how a young Australian talented designer born and raised in Sydney, went on to embrace Islam and become one of the world’s biggest names in Islamic inspired Design. So much so, he is teaching tech giants like Google and Apple about Islamic design in Silicon Valley!

Enjoy the episode!

Read more about the Everlasting Embrace program by National Zakat Foundation to support New Muslims right here in Australia through your Zakat

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  1. Apple is zionist funded. Switch to Samsung Galaxy. They don't torture muslims in Palestine & Do Eid sales regularly. Samsung is better and its a fact, Their devices offer better specifications for the price. For Example, An Iphone 15 & Galaxy S24 are the same price. With the iphone you get a 4K Camera while with samsung you get 8K. With Samsung you get 120 HZ Super AMOLED Screen while with apple you get an outdated 60HZ LCD tinted screen. Laggy Dynamic Island, Gets hot for no reason, overpriced, outdated, ugly & zionist freemason funded. Countries like Afghanstan & Iran have banned apple from because they found out that the Iphone has had spyware to give data to USA Goverment. Since Israel & USA are opposing the islamic world, Then you should really expect iphones to have spyware on muslims globally. Alhamdulilah barely any muslim countries have an iphone minority & All are samsung dominated. I have converted several people to switch to samsung & I will manage to convert thousands inshallah.

  2. I am really impressed by the host level of research to bring us interesting episode ,May Allah bless and enrich our effort.I wish to ve an email address to reach out to Peter

  3. I am inspired. Continue bringing these personal stories as the last messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) said " I have been sent to perfect good manners or character". And we see it personified here. Alhamdullulah.

  4. 9:08 Read about the Shiite doctrine, learn about it, and listen to the Shiite sheikhs, then search for the difference, and with reason and logic judge which of the two doctrines is right, and abandon fanaticism. May God guide us and guide you. إقرأو عن المذهب الشيعي إطلعوا عليه وإسمعو من مشايخ شيعة ثم إبحثوا عن الإختلاف وبالعقل والمنطق إحكموا أي المذهبين على حق وإتركوا التعصب الله يهدينا ويهديكم

  5. I feel proud as a Muslim, but at the same time, I feel shame that I was born Muslim yet didn't achieve anything in this world. I followed what was given to me and didn't make my religion proud of my achievement. I am inspired by hearing and knowing the revert's story, their challenges and their struggle. I wish I could be a better Muslim to the Muslim world specifically and the world widely. اًَلْحَمْدُلِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَٰلَمِيْنَ

  6. It's a real shame you can't connect on LinkedIn with Peter Gould as he has locked his connection requests to only people who know his email. This is usually a sign of disingenuity so I'd be interested to hear why he's done this given the credentials mentioned about him in the video

  7. Why is there a background music? Is it right?

    Music is often used to inflate the value of the words of the narrator. To add an emotional touch that will pierce the hearts of the audience. As if the words aren't strong enough.

    I myself am not sure about Islam's ruling on music, like, most musicals/songs on Earth.

  8. The whole world on earth is divinely designed. But there are myriads of world of God Most Magnificent creations – from the novel coronas to single-cell microorganisms to molds and planktons and sea anemones to unsightly demons to exquisite fairies and incredible angels – each within their specific systematic nomenclature! Lo! We have more to go dear, the indefinitely finite astral worlds above.. no thing is futile nor fanciful but by Allah All Magnanimous designs and designations. From Him we came to Him shall we be returned😰❤😰❤

  9. Hi, This channel is supposed to be news and content creating channel that is for islam and muslims, so it should comply with islam rules, regarding that, why do you guys have to use music… it's haram.

  10. Wow, so he was behind the "salaam sisters" project. Our madrassah in Delft, Cape town , South Africa had the privilege of gifting them to our students much to their pleasure. I want to say shukran jazeelan to you

  11. Very inspiring. Very happy to see that Peter has not changed his name. Although it is a personal decision and I respect those who do, I humbly believe that when brothers and sisters do that they are actually missing the opportunity to be a part of normalization of Islam in non-muslim societies. As well as unintentionally giving an image of such convention as if converting to Islam "requires" adopting an arabic name which can become a friction or resistance point for not-yet-muslim brothers and sisters slowing or even stopping them from making their ways to sirat-i mustagheem.

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