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Why is Slavery Allowed in Islam and Why is it Permitted for a Man to have Sex with a Female Slave…

Why is Slavery Allowed in Islam and Why is it Permitted for a Man to have Sex with a Female Slave without Marrying her? – Dr Zakir Naik



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  1. Wow ,keeping them in prison and sexual assault is assault in prison but when u free them out of bar and then u have sex with them , its not sex assault , we all know governments plays alot lf politics and this may happen which is wrong , but comparing a wrong thing with other wrong one , and making it right but not less wrong , what kind of illiterate is this dr ? Why not compare with other religions who says men are equal to women ?

  2. Wait hold on, is it misunderstanding of what he is saying cause I thought that if you have captives you are supposed to free them and what it means by sex is that you can marry the captives but must be mutual agreement ? My understanding is limited sooooooo pardon me.

  3. This is hypocrisy. I understand marriage but now he is justifying haram. In todays time the slaves are prostitutes, so is that allowed? This was never ok in Hinduism and those kids if atall born from such relation would never be legal. I believe the same we seen in Europe. We should be glad to be born in todays era, all those mughal kings were characterless in this manner.

  4. Islam is for all times therefor the rules and commandments are for all times. therefor slavery is allowed and sex with your slaves is allowed, even if they dot want to, and that is rape!

  5. religion summary: you think you need a moral compass from a religion because you don't have one
    yet to decide a religion you must see if the religion fits your moral compass or not lmao

    if we truly didn't have a moral compass then muslims would be bragging how islam taught them to:give charity,respect elders,have sex slaves,sex with children
    YET they only brag about the parts that fits their moral compass with lmao

    what's the point then? might aswell believe god exists but he's busy creating as a "creator" does
    if he's a "creator" why would he be satisfied with 1 creation?
    why would he reveal himself to some people? don't we also deserve to meet him? where's the equality?

  6. So lets get this straight, women are kidnapped and taken as captives and slaves to men that have killed their husbands and men in war? What gives anyone in their right minds the belief that women would want to have sexual relationships with the men that killed her husband and kidnapped her. Plus alot of the women who would of been kidnapped was Christians/Jews and they don't believe in sex outside of marriage especially back in those days, also how is a man allowed to commit adultery somthing thats a massive sin in Islam and punishable by death?? Minds Baffled!!!

  7. What a total and hypocritical moron. How can people be dumb enough to listen to an imbecile like this? PeaceTV ?!?!?! You have to have an IQ lower than 50 for him to make sense.

  8. Let me explain during wars if Muslims won over a land then the man of those women would died . Instead of letting them alone they were protecting the women so that they could save themselves and feed themselves So it's not slavery first of all those women have complete rights and one man would have only one women and they would not be soldiers . Again those women would have rights of food , shelter and protection. No forcefully sex is allowed. Only concentual intercouse is allowed again if a women is pregnant them it is not allowed to have sex . So they are not treated as sex slaves it is mentioned as right hand possesse. Search it Google quran 4:24 explanation

  9. 21 centurie and this young gay asks a question about women slave for sexual needs?!!Thats not human or humanity, please I’m in shock. Does he really consider that?v

  10. Slavery? Good👍

  11. So let me get this straight. As a gay man, I am told that I would be rewarded if I do not act upon my desires while straight men can have 4 wives but that is not enough they can acquire sex slaves so that they can not commit zina and to curb up their desires? Interesting hypocritical.

  12. The teachings of your prophet say it all. He owned slaves and told his followers that Allah said it was fine to own them. Every time they conquered a new portion of the world they took many of the conquered as slaves. Muslims owned and traded slaves for about 1400 years. There is an entire body of Sharia law covering how slaves and masters are to interact

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