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Reasons why the Vedas and the Quran should be Read with Understanding – Dr Zakir Naik

Reasons why the Vedas and the Quran should be Read with Understanding – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. You are wrong
    Actually vedas are too divesre
    Some facts inside vedas contradict with there point
    Overall hinduism is mutliethistic as there too many puran and multetisticidm is mentioned in many
    Yoy quoted single reference but if you read whole vedas you will know that hinduism says you are not slave of god and you too can a hive moksha

  2. And allah from quran is not formless.. If he is formless then how
    1) how can stay on 7th sky
    2) how can he come down to see adam in garden if allah is formless n everywhere
    )3)how can he come down to make world in 6 days n goes back to his TAKHT
    4) during judgment day he wud be coming down on TAKHT which wud ne hold by 7 farishte.. Howz that possible if alla is formless.. Sahk hadis 181,trijim :2552 allah wud giv you Darshan.. 😂

  3. Vedas are the kiaabe maknoon which is mentioned in quran.. Zakir nik all ur references have been cross checked many times.. U r smart liar.. Even cycle of rebirth which is scientifically prooved by DR Ian Stevenson 40 years of field work followed by other doctors as well..

  4. Mohmd is not a last messager he is not a kalki avtaar.. Zakir nik is giving wrong reference i did cross check.. .. Kalki avtar is supposed to come in bhramin family his father name will be vishnu yash and mother name would be sumati in India. Near uttr prdesh.. mohmd sab was not born in India..zkir nik is a smart liar

  5. I am not Muslim nor Hindu. I will say Dr. Zakir Naik is very smart! Very quick to answer from various religious books. Smart and to the point. He doesn't linger. His accent is sometimes difficult for me to understand being he speaks very fast.

  6. I have no idea how big of a book in the Hindu scripture, looks like a lot.

    Not only Quran, which have 114 chapters, he even memorized the Bible, the Hindu scripture, and only God knows what else he have memorized.

    Masha Allah, Allahu Akbar.

    When this guy died and get ressurected, he'll find Ahmad Deedat right beside him.

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