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Nilima Asks Dr Zakir, “In Bhavishya Purana 50% of the Prophesy is not Fulfilled by Muhammad (pbuh)..

Nilima Asks Dr Zakir, “In Bhavishya Purana 50% of the Prophesy is not Fulfilled by Muhammad (pbuh). Thus he Cannot be a Prophet.” – Dr Zakir Naik


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  2. Nabi Muhammad SAW had a 9yrs old Aisyah wife n he cannot be innocent as claimed.

    God need no man to glorify Him, as no man knows who God is. God has no name n image n God speak no particular language.

    Only d Jibril was said to hv brought d Wahyu to HH Muhammad in d Hira caves. If that Wahyu was from Allah Taalla is a subjective matter all together.

    If Allah SWT did not speak to HH d prophet, how come u go on to say Allah said this n that..

    Stop ridiculing d innocent ones just to sell yr fake story factory. Yr lies r shameful n deceiving d innocent minds.


  3. I have told you Islam is a false religion that was given to Mohammed by dragons which is satan's, Mohammed was used by satan's to destroy the gospel of jesus christ, because we have cast out satan's and is rebellious out of heaven into the world through jesus christ.

    The dragon is the ancient serpent, heaven cast out satan's and is false angels which is demons, the rebellious of satan's

    The dragons which is satan's and is false angels which is demons fight with angel Micheal and is angels but angel Micheal won the dragons which is satan and is false angels, and heavens did not allow the dragon and is false angels demons to stay in heaven..

    And heaven cast out the dragons which is the ancient serpent that we called satan. Was cast out into this Earth with is false angels. Devils was cast out with the blood of jesus christ and the by the words of their testimonies

    Be rejoyful o heaven and the host of heaven, but perish to the world and the people in it because satans have come upon you o world, in is great Anger because he know he have little times to use..

    The dragons wanted to deceive the worlds, not to follow jesus christ, because he was Cast out in heaven with the power of jesus christ and you know satan cannot use himself because he is a spirit but he will use human being like us,he will not come in his own image that's why he use Mohammed,, this is satan pays back time.. satan is looking for a way to destroy jesus gospel through Mohammed

    The dragons will not come in his own creatures or image he will use human being like us, because the dragon is unseen spirit he doesn't have body but he will use human beings ,that's why he choose Mohammed and he think Mohammed will be the perfect being to use to destroy the gospel of jesus christ

    The dragon give, Mohammed is power, and his throne and is great authority .Mohammed was allowed to say a great world and blasphemy to jesus christ and give Mohammed to do so for 42 months that is 3yrs and 6 months and Mohammed use is mouth to blasphemy jesus christ, by saying jesus is not the son of God, jesus is not God he didn't crucify, he is the son of mary he is human being like us, that there is no God the father God the son and the holy spirit he say it's only one God we have ,that jesus is not begotten that jesus didn't complete is mission on earth that's why he was raise up from dead and if he come back to this World again that jesus will first come and bowdown in kabba and follow the wills of Mohammed and after that he will die naturally death ,can you it's all lies how did Mohammed know that? I hope my Muslim peoples will understand what am saying..that we should pray in the named of Allah and he said there is no trinity, and many blasphemy words he say to jesus christ that I can't write here. Mohammed just qouates everything, twisted everything omg Mohammed is perfect..every Muslim thinks islam is the way the truth path well it's not their fault it's what they're have been told in their childhood, many Muslim say jesus is not God or son of God or didn't crucify it's not their fault it's what they have been teaches in their childhood I will never blamed Muslim people because it's what they read in Quran and what they are been told in their childhood

    And Mohammed was allowed to fight the holy people which is the followers of jesus christ and to won them ,do you know how many people that was persecuted because of jesus christ wanted to change christianity to islam? And false Islamic prophet goes against jesus in YouTube videos and other ways ,and satan give Mohammed authority to all the tribes, and all human beings and all languages and all the countries. and all the word will be serving him.. do you know how many countries and how many people Mohammed have brought into this false religion(Islam)

    But the person that his name was not written in the book of the lamb which is jesus christ will be casted into the lakes of fires..

    both Islam, Mohammed, the dragon the ancient serpent which is satan and the kabba the false idols will be casted into the Laked of fires, but that kaaba in mecca, A great fires will descend from heaven and burns it into ashes it won't happens now or thousand years but it will happens after jesus take the righteousness people to heaven..

    When Mohammed died, his followers take up again these are the leaders of islam ,like iman and other prophets of islam and they're all talking like Mohammed, taking the path of Mohammed..and they're all using the power of first Mohammed,now they're telling the countries and all the people in the world to worship Allah and be the followers of Mohammed and bow down to the idols that represent the Beast in kabba in macca, Muslim have a stone that was designed. that's the idols that represent the Beast, I am referring too the stone in kabba in macca ,, you know how muslim people use to pray they will go into their knees and bow down and use their fore head to touch the ground which means they're bowdown for the great idols the Beast and they will say Allah is the greatest and they think it's Allah they're Bowdown for..the idols images, they bowndown through the Beast for the Dragon

    You know muslim have something that they use to draw in their body, it's like tattoos but it's not tattoos, that's the mark that jesus said whosoever have the mark will be casted into the laked of fires, the marked is the marked of the Beast ,whomever have the Beast mark Either in her forehead or any part of his body would be thrown into the Lake of fires.

    Mohammed have maked war against jesus christ the Lord of Lord the God of God.. also another Islam countries are making war against the followers of jesus christ these are the saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria, Egypt and some nations. which jesus said it would surely happens and many prophets of Islam have come out preaching on internet , like YouTube, live videos, and many other sources or in mosque or in a group to fight war against jesus saying he is not God nor the son of God he is human being like us and many blasphemy words, but jesus will conquer them for he is the Lord of Lord the God of the host, king of kings.

    The kabba in macca is the great Babylon jesus is Saying that will fall down,

    Pls can a Muslim person tell me the functions of that stone in kabba? Lols you just know that you have a stone and you don't know why it was put in kabba in macca ,the stone is the idol that represent the beast ,that stone represent the Beast you secretly worship,but you don't know it's functions

    And that of the moon signs that was putting at the top of mosque what's the meaning can you tell me the meaning?

    I know some muslim do read bible, but they don't understand what they're reading, is like someone who is reading story book without understand what he or she is reading

    I want to ask why do Quran and Muslim goes against bible, saying bible is corrupt, manipulated it's not correct, and why are they going against jesus christ. Pls that your Quran is it not corrupt too because all what is in Quran is like twisted and quoting words

    Why all Muslims are tormenting jesus christ and christianity and they leave the rest religious and they face jesus christ and bible and christianity, they didn't talk about the God that Atheist worship, they didn't talk about the God that Hinduism worshipped they didn't talk about the Gods that buddhism worshipped and they didn't talk about other religions only this jesus christ, bible and christianity for God sake what did jesus collect from you that he didn't return back..

    Jesus have said it, he make it clear about the beast and dragon .the beast is Mohammed who dragons the satan give is power, is Authority and is throne too, so as to deceive the world and lies against jesus christ, give false allegation about jesus christ blasphemy jesus christ and bible and christianity as all Muslim use to blasphemy jesus christ, and bible and christianity all Muslim in islam are the child of the beast and worshipper of the dragon and followers of the prophet and slave to Allah that will be casted into the lake of fire in End times

    If you washed all the program of muslim or Islam all what they're saying is about jesus christ, and christianity, and mostly jesus christ. can your false religion proved it that you're from God ? They don't have nothing to say other than this jesus christ and bible and christianity only. that's all what they use to say,,and they leave the rest religious they don't talk about the rest religious, since satan knows that the rest religious are false that's why he wanted to destroy jesus gospel. The truth religion full of truth and Grace .

    Muslim said we are slave to Allah, am not a slave to Allah anyone who is under the care of jesus christ is the Son Of God but anyone who is not under the care of jesus christ and a sinner is the slave to the dragon the Beast and slave of Allah

    Pls can a Christian just try and read Quran from A to Z you will see that everything is just Quoted and twisted by Mohammed and I don't know if is Mohammed who Qouate and twisted the Quran or is followers I just know it's Quotes and twisted..they took some pages in the bible and they use their brain to quoted and twisted the remaining ones, they will said it's from God ,Quran is from Men not from God..

    Nothing will depart me from the love of jesus he love me and I love him I am his child as I have assurance that i will reings with him in heaven and the paradise that is to come..I will be crown

    But muslim doesn't have the assurance if they're going to reings with jesus christ in heaven, they didn't have the assurance if they're going to heaven as Mohammed said he said I still don't know where we are going too Lols

  4. You preach, teach, practice your religion. But don't use a fake hindu or Christian person to ask you questions. This a cheap aspect strategy, don't defame other religions. Don't disturb your community peace lovers.

  5. Zakir himself knows pretty well that he is an intelligent crooked fellow born to spew venom and create division among people to make this beautiful planet of ours a hell. We sincerely believe that the Almighty won't let him to this.

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