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What’s Wrong in Saying Merry Christmas when My Intentions are Only to Improve Relations & not Shirk?

What is Wrong in Saying Merry Christmas to My Christian Friends when My Intentions are Only to Improve Relations and not Shirk? – Dr Zakir Naik


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Adil Ahmed I’m a 16 years old student doing my GSES and my question regards Dr. Naik’s statement previously about saying Merry Christmas to non-Muslim makes us some how submit the fact that, well the idea that Christ was the son of God and it makes us one of them. Now that’s what shocked me, in a sense that, surely Allah in his All Mightiness would know that my intention saying someone ‘Merry Christmas’ is as you said is to improve relations. Now the thing is most people at least of my generation, people who I come in contact with, they don’t actually celebrate Christmas because they celebrate Christ’s birth but actually it’s a commercial thing to get the latest PS2 or whatever it is… so could you just please expand on that I am sought of confused how saying marry Christmas could some how bring blasphemy?

Dr. Zakir: The brother’s asked a question that he wants to wish Merry Christmas to his friends so that he can build relationships so tomorrow he will ask me the question why can’t I have a peg of alcohol build relationship. Why not? Why, what’s wrong? Why can’t I eat some pork with them? Why can’t I go to Church and worship Jesus Christ (pbuh)? See you don’t have to do anything Haraam for doing Da’wah. For reaching the goals you cannot use wrong means brother. What is haraam for them is haraam for you also. When you are wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ to them you are agreeing that Jesus Christ (pbuh) was born on the 25th of December and you are agreeing that he is the begotten son of God which is Shirk.

Why it is wrong? Because the Christians they believe that Jesus Christ (pbuh) is the begotten son of God. Now irrespective whether he may be a practicing Christian or not they celebrate because it’s the Birthday, why don’t they celebrate any other day? So if you tell your Christian friend “okay, forget if you don’t believe in that lets celebrate instead of 25th of December, let’s celebrate on the 10th of October.” Will they agree? They’ll say ‘no’. but that does not mean don’t do Da’wah, I do Da’wah on Christmas. I ask them that this is your Christmas season, why is it Christmas? So they tell me “Oh! its Christmas because Jesus Christ (pbuh) was born on 25th of December.” “Who is this Jesus pbuh?” “Oh Jesus is the begotten son of God.” Then I tell him that can you prove to me from one unequivocal statement from the complete Bible where Jesus Christ pbuh himself says that where he said “I am God” or where he says “Worship Me” I do Da’wah. Why do you have to use wrong means for doing Da’wah?
Questioner: Is saying Merry Christmas wrong?

Dr. Zakir: you asked the question is saying Merry Christmas wrong means I am telling you it is wrong.

Questioner: Okay.

Dr. Zakir: 100% wrong according to me. If you don’t know what Christmas is celebrated for like by mistake if you don’t know it is alcohol and you think it is Pepsi and you have it, Allah may forgive you, So if you don’t know what is Christmas standing for being in UK.. Do you know what Christmas stands for?

Questioner: Well as of now..

Dr. Zakir: Have you come from somewhere outside?

Questioner: Well as of now I think it stands for a commercial…

Dr. Zakir: Do you know what… do you know…

Questioner: I think it stands for …

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  1. Say Merry Christmas to everybody. I am only afraid of offending God Himself. If I offend Him by not saying Merry Christmas then He can deny me entrance to Heaven. Christmas came first in this season. The message and salutation of Merry Christmas is for all regardless of religion.

  2. Wishing is a part of social ethics; not a part of belief system. We must not be of the opinion that wishing another on their festivals is equivalent to believing in their faith. Man must strive to live peacefully and humbly in society. A society is the sub-unit of a nation, which is diverse yet interconnected. When the members of a society acknowledge the diversity, despite holding different beliefs, they nurture a healthy atmosphere of open interaction, mutual learning and peaceful coexistence

  3. The 78th Muzakarah (Conference) of the Fatwa Committee National Council of Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia held on 12th June 2007 has discussed on the ruling on Muslims wishing and greeting on non Muslim religious festivals. The Committee has decided that:
    1. Any Muslim practice or behaviour with respect to non-Muslim festivals and celebrations that involve the questions of aqida or conviction such as acknowledging other religion or believing that all religions are same, are prohibited in Islam
    2. However, if the stated practice or behaviour is done on the basis of societal or social relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims for the purpose of harmony is permitted in Islam
    3. To give congratulatory and good wishers or to send greetings using cards or telecommunication devices such as e-mails, short messaging system (sms) or etc to non Muslims during their religious festivals is permissible, on the condition that the greetings do not recognise, praise, glorify the religion of non-Muslims and also do not use any of their religious symbols in the greetings sent.

  4. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) announced are allowed to greet their fellow Christians with a “Merry Christmas”, a gesture that may boost religious harmony in the country. Expressing respect through greetings to other religious believers had nothing to do with faith, as claimed by many hard-line Islamic scholars, but it had more to do with socio-cultural activities that could improve friendship in multicultural life.  “Wishing a greeting as a form of our friendship to other faithfuls won’t damage our faith. Islam is not a narrow-minded religion. Greetings are more about culture, not faith,” Din said.

  5. This is utter non sense.!! Makes up logic in thin air..! I am sure allah or any god is mercyfull and until the intentions are right and just pure he will forgive everyone.!! He will be happy for every soul on earth to be happy and pure. But these logics put ego into the almighty God and poisons the mind of believers.! I have a lot of respect for Islam and it's values but at these points where the interpreter puts in ego to the pure soul of almighty makes me feel bad..!! World is my home and humanity is my family but people like these divide it.. 🙄

  6. Here are some motivating tips from Allah and the Prophet (Sallalahu 'alayhi wa sallam) to help you raise your degrees in Jannah as well as increase your property in Shaa Allah.

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  7. For preaching Islam you don't have to criticize other's faith. To counter ur question i can ask u who is Prophet Muhammad? For that matter Jesus is mentioned several times in the Quran more than Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad fought wars but Jesus never did, Jesus is born of a Virgin but not Prophet Muhammad. "Born of a virgn", this miracle is enough to accept him as my personal saviour. Amen

  8. Bruh muslims taking over the world. How can ppl believe this?? Why??? Why is saying marry Christmas will haram? I not Christian but I say marry Christmas to my Christian friends. Is Muslim becoming SJW and LGBT+?

  9. Seriously non sense he is taking about and making fools 🙄out of us. Totally self centered preach. If I wish happy birthday to my friend on his birthday will that become crime…? Usless argument

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