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  1. Either he deliberately avoided the answer to avoid conflicts with Indian Pakistani Fasik Sects or he didn't understand the question. Let me ask you clearly again. Where do you want to see the moon? In Mecca or in Britain or in Pakistan? If the Moon shows in differnet places on earth on different time, which one do you follow Dr Zakir Naik? This is why Yasir Quadhi said you should not be followed as a Muslim scholar as you are not taught as a Muslim Scholar and nothing you do is carrect according to Sunnah regarding spreading Islam. Then how do you take responsibility to ecplain Sharia and Sunnah?

    The Ayah you mentioned Allah says clearly in that the month of Muslims starts rrevolving the Hazz. Now brothers let me say who he is so afraid of talking against.

    Beware of these Pagans taking over our Masjids. They worship graves of Sufi and Awalia. Their staff can't reply to your email but have time to carry the handbags of their leaders and follow behind them like dogs. They are wasting Masjid'd and charities' money paying these private servants of leaders who do nothing for the Glasgow Muslim Community. Report their misconduct and corruption to the Government.

    The Rasul PBUH saw the moon in Madina, why are you seeing the moon in Britain then 🙄Was in the time of Rasul PBUH Britain's map like this? UK Pakistan didn't even exist in his time. Every after 1000km then there will be a new day of Eid as they will see the moon the next day? Then how do you decide where Eid is and when? According to all his 4 caliphs, the month started all over the Islamic World on the day of the moon sighting in Mecca. So that the whole world can plan the Hazz with Mecca at the same time. It took months for Hazzi to reach Mecca in those days. If they didn't follow the calendar of Mecca, they would reach Hazz after two or three days. Cause they would plan after seeing the moon two or three days later. All these problems have been solved by the Sahabas long ago. You are making this problem to make a new sect among Muslims and that makes you pack of Fasik. By sunnah, you should be dealt with all the power of Muslims by force.

    Only Salah was prayed based on local time. You are not following Rasul PBUH or his companions. You are following Indian Pagan Mughals who created a new religion named Din e Elahi mixing up Islam with Hindu Paganism. And they created a new calendar for their own region. According to Rasul PBUH, his ummah is one, and if one of them sees the moon that makes the entire ummah see the moon. But that was too difficult to find the first moon sight in the entire Islamic World. So the 4 caliphs and all Rasul PBUH's sahabah decided to locate the moon only from the center of the world which to Muslims in Mecca, the Kibla.

  2. The current country is not going to keep him any longer and the moment he lands in India, he will be under arrest for spreading sedition and inciting jihadist sentiments among the Muslims of India and the world. Let us prey to Allah that it happens. Such false preachers should be persecuted in this world itself.

  3. Dr. Zakir , if u say prophet (pbuh) carefully used to count days of shaban to be accurate about ramadan ,den what do u have to say on prohibition of nasi' which happened on last hajj of prophet (pbuh.). I.e 10 Hijri. Which implies muslims along with prophet (pbuh) were observing ramadan on wrong dates for 22 years of his prophethood.

  4. As-Salaam-Alaikum Brother Zakir. I respect you on your knowledge of comparative religion but you're not a scholar of Quran and Hadeeth and I think you would admit that, There are many Islamic scholars who promote the calculations of the new moon for Ramadan and Eid. The Quran does not say that the new moon has to be sighted by the naked eye: Wa Man Shahida Minkum, means whoever witnesses the month, must start fasting. Of course Shahida is open to many interpretations but the word itself does not mean sighting.

  5. the man who is not satisfy what he have in life other than become great in front of all by half knowledge cause whole knowlege to study need lots lifes requires even allah requires time to write
    and explaining qur'an pretty amazing

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