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When is the best time to break the fast? by Dr ZakirNaik

Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Eat and drink until the white thread of dawn becomes distinct from the black. Then fast to the night. (Qur'an 2:187), how can anyone agree with Dr Zakir Naik when he says the best time to break fast is when sunset?? You cannot take the hadith above the Quran, The Quran is clear in the verse that you should break the fast when the sky is more dark then light and not just when the sun has set.

  2. Hello Dr. Zakir Naik.. I tried to contact you through ? Sorry my computer skills are limited. I received a message you invited me or ??? Within your circle of friends. Sorry I am posting here. I do not know an other way? I have many people who stay at my house who in most times have unstable backgrounds. from many religions or sometimes Atheistic. It would seem to me? You made friends with one of them? Whom maybe no longer stay's at my house? Most are addicted to so I leave my account open for them. They may watch and post as they chose. The two Muslim brothers have since moved out and reconnected with their family. I will tell them to contact you when I see them next if they know how? I my self am not Muslim. However I may watch a few of your videos out of curiosity?? I am not Christian. However I do read the Torah and Tanakh not the Talmud.. Nore the Qur'an as of yet? Best of luck. And sorry I am not who you thought I was? Or if you added me by mistake??

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