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He swallowed the food which got stuck in his teeth while having suhoor

Dr. Zakir: As far as if a person has some food particles that have got stuck in between the teeth may be after Suhoor when the fast starts. If there are some food particles which are stuck in between the teeth and if the person doesn’t realize it and then if he swallows it without realizing then the fast doesn’t break. But if the food particles are big enough which a person can feel it then he has to spit it out. And unintentionally if that food particle after feeling goes in inside his throat then Allah will forgive you then the fast is not invalidated. But if you can feel it intentionally if he swallows then the fast breaks, unintentionally if he swallows then the fast does not break. So if there is a particle which is big enough which can be spat outside, he should spit outside and further more if suppose the gums bleed may be after using the Siwaak or after brushing the teeth while fasting so the blood also should be spat out. Unintentionally if certain blood goes down the throat into the stomach, Allah will forgive you but intentionally you should not swallow any blood.

As far as the second part of the question is concerned i.e. about the mucus, if it comes form the head may be the Para nasal sinus or from the nose or phlegm which comes while cleaning the throat if it comes into the throat and goes into the stomach without coming into the mouth, it is quite natural, it happens with many people. The phlegm, the mucus it comes, gets stuck in the throat, you clear the throat it goes into the stomach it’s perfectly fine, it does not invalidate the fast. Because that’s a natural process but if it comes into the mouth, it should be spat out. If the mucus or phlegm comes into your mouth, you should spit it out. Unintentionally if it comes in the mouth then you swallow it, Allah will forgive you but intentionally it should not be swallowed.

Yusuf Chambers: Okay.


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