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Has the Muslim Ummah been DEFEATED? | Shaykh Ahmad El Azhary

One of the greatest philosophical and psychological battles taking place right now – is maintaining strength and optimism amidst the immense grief and suffering facing our Ummah. In this podcast, we discuss the concept of victory and defeat with Shaykh Ahmad El Azhary.

A researcher in Islamic Intellectual history and a teacher of Islamic traditional sciences. He is the founder of Miftaah academy, specialising in teaching Islamic psychology, philosophy and education. He plays a tremendous role in addressing contemporary philosophical challenges, and Islamic thought and modernity


00:00 Introduction
01:48 – Are we wrong for feeling weak as an Ummah?
11:28 – How do we overcome the feeling of despair?
18:40 – Should Muslims be optimistic in attaining the Help of Allah?
25:02 – The Balance between remaining patient and actively seeking change
25:32 – The subtle wisdom behind the Mongol invasion
29:31 – Where do we remain patient on what we are going through
35:18 – Spiritual remedies for contentment in turbulent times
42:06 – Seeking the wisdom in having Rida (contentment)
46:04 – Advice to the young generations amidst the calamities

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  1. When the Lord of the Worlds give permision the Muslims will unite. Change will come but with pain. The children of Adam will not lissen so the price will be high.

    Look in History: the era that the sun went black and what was the purpose of this.

  2. Just some feedback for your channel.
    Would be great to see content for women on here. I noticed you don't have female guests.
    Why aren't you covering topics such as spiritual
    abuse in the muslim community. The rape, torture and execution of women in Iran who don't want to wear hijab, they are poisoning school girls.
    Also the lack of respect muslim men have for muslim/ non muslim women and reverts, especially white reverts.
    The sweet wrapper analogy and the whole topic of hijab should be off limits for you men, we don't need you to lecture us about hijab.
    why not focus your energy on teaching muslim
    men to step up to their roles and responsibility as sons, brothers, husbands and sons?
    with the type of content you cover im assuming your fan following is male .
    That's another thing you might wish to cover : the rise of the male muslim
    celebrities and the Dawah boys, every tom dick and harry is an expert

  3. Am trying to understand why the Ahul-Bayt Alhe-salaam was treated so badly by this ummat ….how they killed Mula Ali ibn Abu Talib😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭 Alaihis-salaam and Imam Hassan😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭 Alhe-salaam and Imam Hussain Alhe-salaam😭💔💔💔💔💔😭 the king of all Martyrs and than the rest of Ahul-Bayt Alhe-salaam were killed upto now …they have no respect for the family of Our Master Assayidana Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and his Alhul-Bayt Alhe-salaam 🙏🤲☝️💔😭may ALLAH KAREEM guide us all to the love and respect Of our Master Assayidana Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and his family Ahul-Bayt Alhe-salaam 🙏🤲☝️💔😭otherwise we don't have anything 🙏🤲☝️😭💔

  4. 4:75 – And why do you not fight in the path of God, and for the cause of the weak: men, women and children who say: "Lord! Bring us out of this city whose people are unjust, and assign us an ally from You, and assign us a helper from You.”. You see your weakness but there are believers in this world who have understood the meaning of this verse and are taking action. The Shiites are committed to their Palestinian brothers and sisters and they are paying the price. Iranian Shiites, Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi resistance forces, Houthis from Yemen. The axis of resistance is not waiting for you to answer the call. It's up to you to change and stop supporting the enemies. It is not too late.

  5. No, we are not defeated, Allah has Chosen moslem Worrior Nation called Iran. They are our Sallaudin Ayyubi. It not Saidi, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, UAE. God bless Iran.

  6. There is no where to run, hide or escape what is happening and coming without doubt so please recite the following dua and accept what is coming because you put your entire trust in Allah who is the ultimate in and of everything known and unknown. What he allows and does not allow is surely the best without doubt.

    Ya Awwal al Awwaleen – O the First of the First!

    Ya Akhir al Akhireen – O the Last of the Last!

    Ya Dhal Quwwatal Mateen – O the Possessor of Absolute Power!

    Ya Rahimal Masakeen – O He who Shows Mercy to the Impoverished!

    Ya Arhamar-Rahimeen – O the Most Merciful of the Merciful!

    [Reference: Kitabud Du’a, Hadith: 1047]

  7. There's a conditions of being the best ummah. Anyway, only a major world war to happen will change the balance of power in the world, so until then muslims should be have patience

  8. There are 50 majority muslim nations of the world. To stop israel there is only 1 option. Every one of these nations will have to send a battle unit against israel. No nation on earth can win against 50 armies mounting an attack on it from every front – land, sea & air – even if aided by its allies. This is the only way to solve this israeli problem once and for all.

    Each muslim majority nation will have to contribute 2% ( this will be determined by members) of its personel and military assets. 2% is an insignificant number. For example Malaysia has 80,000 soldiers. 2% is 1600. This is from the army. The same goes w the navy and air force. Now some nations have large military personnel and assets some less. They will also contribute accordingly (2%). If 50 nations were to do this, the accumulated assets and personnel would be gigantic. And no nation can triumph against this army. And 98% of each country’s army is largely intact.

  9. MashaAllah. Jazakallah khayr Sheikh. This has opened up my breast to acknowledge all what is happening is willed & decreed by Allah SWT. Allah has intended some will be eleviated on personal individual level, leaders, group, and countries whom He wills and some are doomed as He wills. We put our tawaqul 100% foremost in all aspect on this temporary planet so that we attain success in the hereafter ❤❤❤

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