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If you want to see violence and hate speech take a look at the behaviour of Zionists at the Palestinian encampments.

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  1. Seems they keep ignoring the obvious, that ant-genocide is not anti – Jewish. Radical Zionists are the problem, and many Jewish people agree with that.

  2. What has happened to the western countries? They're always too much and doing most of the stupidity. I mean protesting is okay. But these are educational institutions. People go there to study. What tf all these man? Y'all been protesting and clearly nothing is happening. They won't even donate for Gaza

  3. Protest more please, just remember that it is not about Jews vs Muslims, its about freedom verses colonisation. Cause thats what Israel is, another colony.

  4. Wiped out even the name of the country where Jesus was born. Google Map and world map has already taken the name Palestine out. God chosen people carpet bombing homeland of Jesus? Chosen people to kill Medical helpers, aid workers, journalists, men, women, children, babies? no Palestine no birth land of Jesus no Christian God and atheist won…why God chose these people to destroy his own homeland…😢

  5. I've never seen cherry picking to such an extent for such a long time, are you gonna include protesters attacking and blocking jews? Ofc not, qatar money is more important 😂

  6. Making these shorts are not going to change or stop anything, why ?? because you, me or the little voiced people, are nothing In front of the Power. So all you can do is pray and live our daily life.till the CREATOR Shows HIS ANGER AND POWER.

  7. Protests are fine. I may not agree with them but protest is protected. That said, if it is on someone else's property, violent, or destructive the "protesters" should go to jail.

  8. How can a large group of people syncronize in lie and viciousness truly amazing at this point. The same level of low, same level of audacity and stupidity

  9. People that are defending the genocide are the worst of humans right there cuz even there protests are filled with unsurmountable amount of violence and hate speech,.goes to show you that these people are racists that just needed a reason to get their racist point of views across

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