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As Regards their Birth, Muhammad (pbuh) was like unto Moses (pbuh) and Fits the Biblical Prophecy

As Regards their Birth, Muhammad (pbuh) was like unto Moses (pbuh) and Fits the Biblical Prophecy – Dr Zakir Naik

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  1. السلام علیکم و رحمت اللهDr. Zakir Naik
    My name is abuzar
    I am a 16-year-old boy born to a Muslim family in Afghanistan.
    Alhamdulilah I am a Muslim.
    But for some time Satan creates distracting distractions in my mind
    For example, he says:نعوذباالله
    Islam is a lie and this world does not exist, and if it exists, you will be in hell for being a Muslim You will burn in hell and the devil in my mind will lie about my beliefs.
    Fortunately, I am a true Muslim and I want to become a good advocate of Islam like you in the future. But
    I can't control my mind and thoughts at all and I suffer from this issue and I am very afraid that I will be punished by Allah Almighty for having such bad thoughts in that world and even sometimes I cry while prostrating to Allah Almighty because these thoughts They are not mine and I say, God, erase these thoughts from my mind so that they do not become opinions. I want you to cooperate with me in this field and tell me how I can get rid of these bad thoughts and whether God will forgive me. May Allah Almighty be pleased with you.

  2. Allah Almighty Exalted Above the heaven

    Above His 'Arsh: (Above The Greatest Throne),

    Everything is under His knowledge, control & vision.

    All praise belongs to Allah Alone

    All power and all dominion.

    Our Lord is Allah SWT. There is no 'True God' / 'True Ilah except Allah. Allah is Exalted Above ‘Arsh, above the heaven. Holy Qur'an is Allah's Word and final revelation for mankind. Allah is the One and Unique True Deity'. None is worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad PBUH is Allah's servant and messenger ♥♥♥

    All praise belongs to Allah alone

    All power and all dominion,

    The beautiful name, the perfect quality belongs to Allah alone

    He is the Pure and indivisible One.


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