5 tips to encourage kids to learn the Deen

how can we encourage kids to want to learn their deen? here are 5 tips!

As Muslim parents, we all wish that our children will learn Arabic, Quran and Islam to some degree. We don’t necessarily want to make them the next imam or shaykhah, but we hope that they will at least know enough to navigate their daily life and do what is right, what is good, for them and their future families, in ways that are pleasing to Allah SWT.

But sometimes it really does feel like the most difficult task on earth, especially once they become more independent – which could be as early as 4 years old, right?!

So, how do we do this? Here are 5 tips to encourage kids to learn the deen!



1 – Lead by example


First, you need to honestly ask yourself: what are you doing to learn your deen and how are you displaying that journey? If you have little to no knowledge of Arabic, Quran and Islam, then you need to change this first and make sure you start your learning journey alongside them – just realize that they might learn faster than you because kids are like sponges, especially if they are still really young. Likewise, if it looks like you’re doing chores when you do acts of worship or learn something related to the deen, then they will have no incentive to want to do the same.


2 – Make it fun


Children are all about games and entertaining moments, so let’s make the most of that when we try to instill a love for learning the deen in their hearts! Our student portal is full of free resources for you and your family to enjoy: Arabic word games, calendars, good deeds checklists, activity books for important times such as Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah, etc. Log in or create your own portal for FREE here

Our Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies are also filled with interactive activities and games, even for adults! Find your class today at StudioArabiya.com 


3 – Do it as a family


There is nothing more bonding than a family activity that centers on the deen! Whether it is praying together, reciting Quran together, going to events at the local mosque, whatever you do as a family will help you connect with one another and also grow together in your deen.


4 – Be humble about it


Raising children is no easy feat, let alone instill in them a love for their deen so that they can grow into faithful Muslim adults. But remember that you don’t have to do this on your own or even study the deen full-time for years and become a scholar to work on this goal! It is also okay and encouraged to ask for help. Find other families that share the same desire to teach their kids how to be good Muslims, connect with the Muslim community, and ask your local imam or shaykh for advice – not only when you have an issue but also to be proactive with the tarbiyyah.


5 – Make dua!


As always, never underestimate the power of dua! Start with duas and continue renewing these duas and your intention as life moves forward. Ask Allah SWT to help you raise your children on His deen and guide the whole family.


May Allah SWT guide you on this journey and give you success, for this life and the next, ameen!


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This article was originally published in our Studio Arabiya Times magazine (Winter 2023-24). CLICK HERE to read the whole magazine!


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