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Dr Zakir Naik | Women’s Rights in Islam – Protected or Subjugated? | MUMBAI | Full Length
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Women’s Rights in Islam – Protected or Subjugated? | MUMBAI
(Somaiya Grounds, Mumbai, India, 31st October 2009)



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  1. Islam always Strictly Regrets // Prohibits //Shirk APWA// Corruption on the Land// Killing// Cruelty Lie// Drugs// Alcohol// Gambling // Haram Meat// Fortune Telling// Adultery// Fornication// In chastity// Human Rights Violation // Theft/ Robbery// False Witness 7 others Injurious & Teaches to abstain from Those Great Sins

  2. Millions of Peoples// Non Muslims are coming in the Light of Islam due to understand The Beauty of The Glorious Al Quran Needs More & Extensive Comparative Dawah// Education for Non Muslims all Over the World. So Every Muslims should Put Comments to spread over The World

  3. Western Civilization is now at Stake due to non Education // Lack of knowledge about Islam & Al Quran . So We have to Educate all over the world for eradication of Miss Conception about Islam

  4. Western Women Embracing Islam more & More Faster loving The Beauty of Islam// The Concept of Islam// The Spirituality of Islam// The Purpose of Life// The Purpose of Creation // The Purpose of Creatures & The Universes

  5. Islam has shown the Light of Civilization to the whole world. // Islam has eradicated Slavery// Given Voting Power// Has up lifted women"s position equal to man// Emancipated & Has honored highly to a lofty position that western peoples do not know.

  6. Women"s Rights in Islam Has been Mostly Preserved // Protected// Liberated & In no Way it has been Subjugated . It is western Worlds Misunderstanding as they do not know Islam much

  7. Ya Allah save our Dr and his family.
    Ya Allah look after our Dr.
    Dr zakir Naik is a unique human being.
    Dr zakir Naik is a hero.
    He is the best .
    May Allah accept all the doah for our Dr.
    Ameen Thumma Ameen.

  8. After marriage muslim women dont have rights unless the husband gives it to her…. what muslim scholars dont teach when it comes to womens rights is women have no say in the marital home…. in islam a woman must obey her husband and if he says she cant educate herself with regards to academic knowledge she cant…..they cant work or earn money if the husband says no,they cant use their own money in a way that displeases their husband even if they had it,they cant take a foot out of the house if the husband says no…..In marriage the 2nd,3rd or 4th wife are in better positions because they were aware when marrying their husbands that he is polygamous but men allowed to decieve the first wife and tell them they managomous and later say they polygamous and she has no option to accept it and forced into such a practice even though women alone in the practice without husbands every second day as they dont teach men to visit all their wives daily like prophet muhammed did……they muslim scholars teach you dont even have to tell their first wife they taking another wife and some say they have to tell but she doesnt have a say even though she is the one who is going to be alone every second night which she didnt sign up for.

  9. Dr Zakir Naik with due respect, today's man are not spending single pany on their women especially on sister. They give impression that they are doing ahsaan on female.
    Everytime they are considering female an inferior because the financial is depending on them and they are burdonised of female

  10. Sir please let me know if male (before married.. father or brother) or (after marriage.. husband) don't work what they can do?
    If males are not taking responsibility?

  11. 2022,still having goosebumps. No matter how many lies are fabricated against him,the whole ummah believes him to be a niyamah. And Allah says in sura Duha that there is relief after pain.

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