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Will There be a Uniformity of Faith in This World? – Dr Zakir Naik

Will There be a Uniformity of Faith in This World? – Dr Zakir Naik

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  1. I have a question… My mom mostly earn all the money off our homes. Now after she died. My father took all the money also by using my sister emotionally make me sign my mom land papers. He sell all his land also taking everything my mom earned. My mom was doctor. She had lots of money also in bank account. Now my dad is selling her land too. Also he is not dividing money by islamic rules. He is not giving any share. What should i do now?

  2. He's a con artist, making a living by fooling the fools.

    He has no answer to the following:

    Why does God create people? He gives them the freedom to choose the right or wrong path.

    But He knows in advance when He creates them that most of them will choose the wrong path, so He will torture them in the fires of hell.

    The question is: Why does he create these people when he knows in advance that he will torture them?

  3. Hi Zakir Naik , There’s this Questions I want you to answer
    Put your religious glass down and look through it with open perspective
    ( I am asking Zakir not any other person in the comment section you are in no position to answer )

    I have asked this question from any religious person I ever met , they couldn’t have any solid answers At last they gave me this stupid sentence “ some questions shouldn’t be asked about religion or there is paths we can choose god gave us the ability to choose “ which it means the incapability of them to satisfy a solid answer.

    1. God either knows everything or doesn’t
    If he knows everything, he knows what we will choose
    So either He knows we will choose the wrong path or doesn’t know which one we will while we are in two ways ( which makes him not knowing the choice which deny the “he knows everything” line )
    If he knows so he knows that we will choose the wrong and he punishes us for the wrong that he has narrated for us in first place ,he himself punishes us for what he knows & has choosen for us?
    Its either this or he doesn’t know we will choose the good or the bad

    2. He created human to praise him and thank him for what he has blessed him with And see if they obey him
    So he doesn’t clearly know they will obey him or wont? And based on what he has chosen for us its a good entertainment to punish the bad and be praised and gift the good
    If something is that perfect he doesn’t need validation of a human does it?
    The urge to creat something and demand it to praise him so he can access to heaven
    Like seriously, looks like an entertainment rather than having any sense

    Im saying all these to reach to this everything something beyond narcissistic god of religions , and by incident patterns something beyond religions and books created by shepherd filled with stories to show a path for people like sheep .

    You wont have a solid answer same like other sheikhs , a friend of mine suggested you so here I comment
    May you all find the actual truth & God who doesn’t work 24/7 watching wars rape and starvation happening in first place , and wait for everyone to pray to fix it .

  4. Assalamualaikum. I believe in god but i have a question
    If God is uncreated, why is it that the universe can't be uncreated?
    I just found that question on Google accidentally.

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