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Why TikTok is PETRIFYING Biden and RAFAH Invasion | Sami Hamdi Uncensored

Political Analyst and Journalist Sami Hamdi sits down with OnePath Network to discuss the future of Gaza and its implications on Muslims around the world.

00:00 Introduction
01:35 – Israel’s Rejection of Hamas Ceasefire Agreement in Rafah
04:26 – The Effectiveness of Student Encampments
07:18 – Message to Students fearing consequences of activism
16:00 – How can Muslims combat Zionist Media Empires
25:28 – Why Blinken blamed TikTok for the shift towards Palestine
36:21 – How should we respond to the bans on media including Al Jazeera
43:36 – How do we understand the Anti-Semitism Bill
51:58 – How do we deconstruct the Anti-Semitism allegation
58:30 – What role should Muslims play in the Political Space
1:02:36 – The ineffectiveness of current Muslim Politicians
1:06:50 – The inability of Muslim Politicians to rescue Gaza
1:10:56 – Should Muslims vote for Biden or Trump in the US Election
1:14:47 – Aligning with the left and non-Muslims
1:20:35 – Do you foresee the liberation of Gaza in your lifetime

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  1. There was a cease fire until October 7th. Where are the rest of the hostages? When are the Palestinian people going to fight against the real oppressors of Gaza? Hamas? Hamas who hides behind women and children? Hamas who has guns and other weapons that destroy the hospitals? Hamas who wont allow the aid to be given to the Palestinian people? You have all of the Palestinian people in America giving disinformation to the people here in America and causing chaos and violence. The Palestinian people should go there and fight against Hamas. If you don't then you the cowards. You are here comfy here saying that you are Hamas. Why should American people care if you are claiming to be Hamas???? October 7th Hamas ended the cease fire Israel has every right to fight and defend itself and always will. When Palestine fights against Hamas and calls for a cease fire and it actually happens then this would be over. WHERE ARE THE HOSTAGES!!!!!

  2. Thank you — your picture is a true picture of genocide — No Humanity left without human dignity, respect and love — only love is real — only LOVE SHALL PREVAIL — THAT IS MY EDICT AND MY COMMAND – THAT IS MY EDICT AND MY COMMAND — SO BE IT. If you remember these words ,– you were there with me when the Edict became a demand — SO BE IT.!"

  3. Victory comes from Allah not with aligning with the Alphabet soup. Against all odds, Afghanistan under the banner of the Islamic Shariah crushed the United Satan. A lesson to all Muslims.

  4. I have listened the whole video in between Maghrib and ayesha. Wallahi, it's so informative and full of wisdom. I will listened to it again and again until I have absorb more because we need knowledge to speak up for Palestine. It gives credibility to our conviction. Thank you so much, Hamdi. You will be one of my new teachers, InsaAllah.

  5. I read that Hamas numbers 20,000,the Zionist has killed 40,000 + with all the weapons, 2,000 lb bombs , flooded tunnels and destroyed hospitals, yet , Hamas still fights? How? So many Gazan killed why?

  6. أتمنى لو يوجد ترجمة عربية من فضلكم لنعطي فرصة كبيرة للذين لايجيدون الإنكليزية فضلاً لاأمرا امهاتنا وجداتنا يتابعونكم وشكراً وبارك الله فيكم .

  7. I'm ashamed at how far the muslim Ummah has fallen, how will we face the Palestinians, and most importantly how will we face Allah on the day of judgement and when Rasool Allah will see us in day of judgment, what will we say to him. I'm so ashamed.

  8. From America where my country and our leadership has totally and completely failed its citizens and much more gravely the people of Palestine. I send my sincerest thanks, love and solidarity to South Africa and the people of South Africa for taking the actions that no one citizen anywhere can do on their own.

  9. I am 52 and ever since I was a teen I have rooted for the Palestinians even when I don't remember what started it except seeing something on TV about Gaza and saying to my mom I thought Israel was wrong and my mom got very serious and told me I was right that they were wrong but begged me to never discuss this in public with anyone especially never criticize Israel in public. She was truly frightened at the thought of me doing so. Her brother was always talking about the "Zionests" since I was a teen when I had never heard it from anywhere before. People thought he was a Nazi but he kept saying he did not hate Jews. My mom was such an anxious person she just didn't want it rubbing off on me and my siblings. It wouldn't have mattered because there was no one to talk about that kind of thing to. We didn't have the internet. I am surprised my mom and uncle knew as much as they did for some poor people in Kentucky, but I guess we were just the type to be interested in injustice. I can empathize with American Jews who feel threatened now. I can believe they legitimately feel that way. I think a lot of Jews are really upset with Netanyahu. Maybe I am a conspiracy theorist, but conspiracies happen, and I believe Netanyahu let that attack on Israel happen. Why would they pull security away from such an area? I think Netanyahu doesn't care about anyone but himself. My whole life, I have had a pit in my stomach about all the stuff my own country had done or been part of doing around the world and think one day everyone will come for us. You can't treat people the way our leaders have for decades and just walk away unscathed. I don't know what will happen. Of course I don't want my country to fail. In my hood, it's very poor, but Muslims own a few businesses here, and they do well. They are very nice people. They always tell me to be safe walking home from their store. My favorite doctors have all been Muslims. They take their time and really do a good job. That's a big deal to be. It's appreciated so much I shed a tear just thinking about how much they did for me when other doctors gaslighted me and missed my illnesses for years. One Muslim women I know I can sense she does not want to be involved in any protesting or anything and she talked about loving her freedom here and there is nothing she can do. I think she fears she has too much to lose if she speaks up. Maybe it is easier for Americans who were born here (she wasn't) to do the risk-taking. I am not left-wing. I left the left bc of their hypocrisy, and I am not right-wing. I am independent. I think what they did do the Jan 6 people is a crime. I wish the left would have stood up for them and shown they had principles, but I realized they don't have principles. They will cheer on censorship all day long if they don't agree with the words being said. Not me. I don't ever want censorship bc when you let them do it to those you hate, eventually, they will do it to you. I kept telling leftists this, but only about 1% listened, so the rest of the left called them "right-wing." Muslims don't typically agree with the left on anything except the issue of Israel/Palestine and seeing some of these protesters say this is a intersectional movement about all oppressed people like trans, lbgt I think those protesters saying those things don't really care about a genocide as much as they just care about their own interests.

  10. America says they want to ban Tiktok because the Chinese collect user information. This is a steaming pile of cr@p. The real reason is that they cannot force Tiktok to remove and ban users who put pro-Palestine videos or the truth about the US government evils, like they control Facebook, Instagram, X an all those US websites,

  11. It's interesting that Sami Hamdi mentions the students who were against the Vietnam genocide, I mean war. When I was teaching English as a 2 nd language in Vietnam, at the closing party an older Vietnamese gentleman came up to me out of the crowd and asked if it was true that the students stopped the war. I didn't know what to say but then I remembered talking with a political candidate, Barry Commoner, a short while after the war ended, as I went to his rally and that was what he told me. That the establishment was afraid that they were loosing a whole generation who were not going to join their ranks. Hard to believe this ended the war on Vietnam except that the Natl. Guard had killed 4 students at Kent State and the Physics building was blown up at my University in Madison, Wi. and a professor was killed. And we were tear gassed in the streets night after night as we protested to stop the war. And all I did was write paper after paper on SE Asia in order to understand why the USA gov't was perpetrating a war on Vietnam, testing weapons on the agrarian Buddhist culture on the other side of the planet. Slaughtering farmers in the villages of ie. Mai Lai and hundreds of other villages. They said they were fighting something that no one even understood, 'Communism'. So I studied that too. But that is why the students protesting this gen*cide is so so critical now. It is what can bring this genocide to a screeching halt. The IDF perpetrating its retraumatized sociopathic violence on the Palestinians is not accepted by the world. Our humanity has been deeply wounded by the israellis and its leadership. And all in greed for land and resources they have caused unfathomable suffering that will not end for generations. They have nearly destroyed the future. This is not acceptable to slaughter and maime children in the tens of thousands to steal their land and resources. That is not the basis for a nation to exist in the world going forward.

  12. Alhumdulillah, I have learned a lot from this conversation. I strongly believed Sami Hamdi's parallel that this is a time for Muslims to show the power. Not to voting for the candidate who promotes genocide. Perhaps, Muslims will suffer for 4 years a little, but they will gained tremendous power and influence over the politicians and political parties in the future. After that all Muslims will admired and respected by the politicians and the political parties. I thanked to Sami and congratulations!!!

  13. Democrats will say “Trump is a threat to democracy but I’m willing to take that threat because I won’t stop a genocide like millions are asking us to do”

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