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  1. Zaki Naik is waiting his and many innocent people 's precious time by advocating falls God and falls prophet. If Dr. Zakir Naik should debate with Christian scholars like, David Wood, Sam and Christian prince!

  2. God is the universal supreme soul of superconsciousness. Same entity all religions are worshipping, calling him by different names and worshipping him in different manifestations. Same person. No point arguing over this.

  3. the thing about Islam is that there is no war. Of course that’s metaphorically speaking because Islam came to stop the war but the only way to stop a war is to fight in a war. We all believe in one God. Islam came for guiding people closer to that God. We believe in the same God as the christians and jews but christians just mistaken God for 3 when he is 1. Islam just gives you the details on how to worship him. That’s all. Prayer five times a day so God can see if you will give him his own time. Fasting for 29 to 30 days every year so God can see if you will let go of your temptations for him. Charity every year so God can see if you will give some of your wealth for him. Hajj once in a life time so God can see if you will use your time just once in your life to cleanse yourself from sin. And the most important is the belief in 1 God, which is already common in religions. God’s name is Allah for a reason. Allah means the worshipped one. It means God in a certain language in a certain way. In arabic, ilah can be known as the one worthy of worship but Allah can be known as the worshipped one. There both names for the same God. The Quran says, “Our god and your god are one” (29:46). So now can you see why we choose Islam? We don’t choose it because it’s a religion among religions. We choose it because it is the religion that will bring people from all religions at peace with each other. The way to worship our common one true God.

  4. Holy Bible declares prepare for the terrible day of the Lord when he returns on disobedience and SIN 2nd Timothy 4v1 I charge thee therefore before God, and THE LORD king Jesus, who shall judge the quick living and the dead at his appearing from above and his kingdom. revelations 22v11-15 And I saw a great white throne,and HIM that sat on it, from whose face the earth 🌎 and the heaven fled away, and there was found no place for them[all who reject holy Bible and king Jesus]. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before GOD, and the books 📚 were opened:and another book 📖 was opened, which is the book of life:and the dead were judged out of those things which were written down in the books 📚, according to there actions or works.And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death 💀 and hell delivered up the dead which were in them:and they were judge every man 👨 😳 according to there actions or works. And death 💀 and hell were cast into the lake of fire 🔥. Sadly billions of people will burn 🔥 rejecting Lord king Jesus when he returns through the earth 🌎 now mad and angry 😠 with the wicked. REPENT World 🌎 before the judgment of 🔥 fire to destroy 🔥 SIN. John 3 v 16 For God so love the world 🌎 that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life declares Holy Bible.

  5. So if their Religion was HINDUISM are the only one and True religion as thier Leader Claimed. Let say its True
    Then are they all saved from Hell

    Means remaining Religions are False
    Theorically THEY will be sent to Hell…

    But one Question.
    How aboutnThose Life we don't yet confirm on other side of the Observable universe?

    If we Basesd.on Simple Math.
    Ther is .0⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰¹ chance its true.
    For me , Religions are made to Divide People… Money is involved..
    Business as usual.
    Theyre just collecting Fee's while promoting FALSE GOD, FALSE SIGNAL..
    Hence we Humans Just make our own God.

  6. I feel that a religion like Islam is disfigured and represented very narrowly by such individuals who disrespect and undermine another human for having genuine interest in being tolerated and understood by seeking commonalities. Instead being mocking and rejecting in a way that shows such wrong practice and understanding of the deeper message of Islam to the point of making it seem like pride intolerance superiority and defensiveness being its main teaching. And not only the one on the podium but all attending are sharing the sin of representing a pure teaching, with such incredible incompetence.

  7. Sometimes the one asking is wiser than the one being asked.
    Some people can't be asked to see further than their limitation.

    We can ask that tomorrow??
    He rushed to answer without trying to understand the question!!!!!!
    How can you stop the person asking from clarifying his idea?
    That means that the one asked already has his answer without the need to listen!? Unflexibel and not to be discussing or conversing those people are called preachers for a reason. They know all but only know their side of the story. Very narrow in understanding and making what they know very narrow.

  8. Zakir is engaged in proving supremacy of his version of Islam.
    He is a liar and moneylaunderer.
    He is instigator and promoting violence to establish his thinking which is far different from real Islam.

  9. All of us belong to the same one human race and worship the same person or same one universal entity, albeit in different ways. and may have different concepts because our human minds are too finite or too limited to comprehend the infinite.Open your narrow minds and think universal instead of thinking narrow and parochial.

  10. All religions are different paths to God. There are many paths to God. Truth is not about belief or conversions. Truth can only be realized from within. What is the Truth is not measured by numbers of followers. God is truth or the infinite super-consciousness and is within each and everyone of us and everything is within his super-consciousness. We are just like tiny fishes swimming in the ocean going after other organisms but do not realize that it is the ocean that sustains them and that the ocean is within them and they are within the ocean. This is simply due to their limited material senses. We too do not feel God's presence everywhere, due to our limited senses. The 'ocean' also does not need 'believers' and 'followers' from the fishes to exist.
    God's hand is therefore in every atom , molecule and space in the universe. Every atom is in fact a doorway to the beyond. Every person has a doorway to the super-consciousness, located in his pineal gland in the centre of the brain , waiting to be opened by turning inwards and awakening our 'super-conscious' energy stored in the base of our spine. The spine is a record of our evolution over billions of years. Many achieved enlightenment or God-consciousness. this way. Therefore, one can say that there are billions of paths to God realization but its the same super-consciousness. Think infinite.

  11. Only one God and his name is Emmanuel. He sent Jesus to die for the sins of the world? There would be many that would come before and after Jesus, claiming to be sent from God. All of them fail to be the true messenger, but Jesus Christ. Repent and believe. There is no other God, but the one whom God sent in His image. No one can follow Jesus, but through the Holy Spirit, because it is not possible to be a Christian without being led by the spirit. That way we know who is a liar, and whom is truth.

  12. the only way to heaven is through Jesus and Jesus alone, true salvation is a free gift. No one can make it by their own works or following lots of needless rules, rituals and requirements which makes people feel discouraged and thinking they can never make it. Even the best religious person is not good enough since in Isiah 64:6 it says our righteousness is like fifty rags before God. Only way to bridge the gap between God and man is through Jesus.

  13. Assalamualaikum Sir,
    I am having one problem. I am a youtuber. I have monetized my channel i.e. add is being shown on the video uploaded by me. The add could be of alcohol also. So the money sent by YouTube to me is haram or halal.
    Kindly reply.

  14. Bhavisya puran.Written by Vyasa about 5000 years ago to predict the future in kali yuga.
    Summary(part) of the story.
    Kali purusha (satan)(such as Ravan in Ramayan)get a boon from Lord Vishnu to increase his follower/descendants after did long penance. So Vishnu created Adama and Havyawati in order to fullfill the promise to kali purusha. But Vishnu warn them (Adama and Havyawati) the intention of Kalia. Somehow Kali purusha deceived them and the children of them become the follower of Kali purusha.
    Then increased kali purush's descendant. The story continues until the appearance of mahamada (demoniac ghost) to cheat human from dharmic path to pisacha (evil) dharma.That is what in the Bhavisya purana.
    And further read in Siva Purana about tripurasura. Search for the story of how Lord Siva kill that tripurasura and what happened after that.
    Its shocking news of the demoniac religion!
    According Bhavisya purana and Siva purana, Mahamada is demonic ghost of tripurasura which will deceive the dharma into adharma. Zakir boastfully claim that mahamada is his prophet. If it is true than what Isis is doing make sense. Isis were blacksheeps of Islam according Zakir. If so than the prediction of Bhavisya puran is true.

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