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Why do people commit sins if the devils are chained in Ramadhaan? by Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik: And I do agree with you that this is a common question and I remember several years back when I was in school and when I heard this Hadith that the devils are chained in the month of Ramadhaan immediately the question that came to my mind and the question that comes to many Muslims’ mind and many non-Muslims’ is that if the devils are chained then how do people, how do human beings yet commit sins?

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  1. ❤❤ Alhamdu lillah love you dear respected sir ❤❤ I'm a pure Muslim and I know everything which is needed to be a good Muslim but this question had been confused me for a couple of years but Alhamdu lillah summa Alhamdu lillah I got the answer very purely,,, Thank you so much,,, We should feel proud that we have you today… Love you ❤️❤️💓❤️💓💓❤️❤️

  2. Sin cannot be avoided by putting the devil in chains. According to the Bible we are Born into sin. Muslims got it all twisted they think their Islamic holy ritual called To Ramadan protects them from Satan. Actually Satan is right there with Muslims when they become gluttons with all the food they eat and I believe they call that fasting.

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  4. Anyone who sees this, dive deep in the word of Allah & see things insha'Allah. know that the truth is only with Allah and work your best to incline towards it regardless what a scholar tells you.

  5. Whenever you are ready…..:

    What lots of people (even pastors) don't (yet) understand.

    God created us according to His own image and likeness. Godly.

    Mankind/the first Adam fell. The image of God in man got lost. That's why there is all this predicament on earth (selfishness, greed, lust, wars, sicknesses, death, etc).

    We are all born into that mess.

    For the fall of man a perfect atoning sacrifice had to be made…. that is what God did in Christ.

    With His own once and for all perefect sacrifice, He paid the debt for the fall of man for us, so we can be indwelled by His Spirit again and finally receive the divine life of the ages back, the first Adam let got of in the fall of man. An amazing act of grace and love by our creator.

    That is what you see happening in Christ's first disciples. They too healed all and walked in unselfish love.

    And yes…. that is still avaible today. The holy blood is in place, the Holy Spirit is here to give us understanding, power and transform us back to origin.

    Not to be debated about, but to be embraced and be-come.

    So: The Kingdom of God already came. Through Christ, in Spiritform, in those that understand.

    Hence the divine healing miracles we experience.

    God manifested in Christ to give us back the divine life mankind lost in the fall of Adam.

    Christ, the exact image of the invisible God.

    The image we were created after in Gen 1.

    The image we lost in the fall of man.

    The image that can be freely restored by Christ's blood and Holy Spirit working IN us.

    What a plan. What a solution. What a love. What a God. Jesus is amazing.

    It is the ultimate conclusion of the word and plan of God. God came full circle.

    He Himself stooped down from glory to restore us back to original created value: Christlikeness. Walking in divine healing power and unselfish love.

    Jesus, born of the Spirit of God, filled with the spirit of God. The "Son" of God, the incarnated word, God in the flesh.

    For three years He healed all, raised the dead, casted out demons, controlled nature, spoke pure divine truth.

    He said:

    "Follow Me. If you see Me, you see the Father. The Father and I are one. The glory I have IN My Father, I give to you. It pleases the Father to give you His Kingdom/Holy Spirit/divine nature. I will send Holy Spirit, the same as Me, He will be IN you, guide you into truth and give you explosive power. The same miracles i do, you will do too, because you will understand that the Father is IN Me and I am IN you. Freely I give you My Kingdom/Holy Spirit/divine nature, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, freely I give, freely share" Etc, etc, etc.

    I have experienced thousands of beautifull healing miracles through the power of Holy Spirit IN me already. Broken bones, cancers, covid, all kinds of infirmities healed in seconds. Demons manifesting and casted out by a simple "get out, in Jesus name".

    Jesus. De name above all names. In Him all power and wisdom is sourced and…. He calls us one with Him. God in man and man in God again. C'mon Jesus!!

    So…. again: God stooped down IN Christ to restore us back to Gen 1:27 were He said: "Let us make man according to our image and likeness and let them have authority…..": walk as Christ.

    Christ, the exact image of the invisible God. The image we were created after and being restored to by His atoning blood for the fall of man and indwelling Holy Spirit.

    You are free to receive this original divine life of the ages by Holy Spirit of Christ/God. Ask Him to guide you into truth. Read the Gospel of John and fall in love with your creator.

    You are not made for the fall of man and its effects, but for the image/glory of God and to walk like Christ. Holy Spirit is the guide and transforming power that will get you there. Amazing grace.

    A big leap in faith can be made when we start realizing we are already IN Christ, IN the last Adam.

    Free from the fall! Loved! Growing into awareness of our new (yet old) godly identity. Changing by Holy Spirit. The most fullfilled life ever.

    Paul healed all on Malta. He understood and wrote:

    "As in the first Adam ALL died (lost the divine nature), so also ALL were made alive IN Christ to walk in Zoë (= divine life) again".

    "IN Christ (the last Adam) we are co-cruisified (dead to the fall and its effects), co-raised (justified/made righteousness, holy, blameless, above reproach), co-seated (one with Him)"

    "The fullness of deity dwells in Christ and YOU HAVE BEEN MADE COMPLETE IN HIM, who is the head of every principality and power".

    So…. thank you Jesus! Thank you for redeeming me from the fall of man. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that makes this new (yet old) divine life come alive in me. You are amazing!

    In the shadow of Peter the sick healed… He understood too and wrote:

    "By Gods power (Holy Spirit) and knowing Christ, we have become partakers of the divine nature and have escaped the fall of man".

    The divine life of the ages has been returned to us by Jesus once and for all perfect atoning sacrifice for the debt of the fall of man and His indwelling Holy Spirit in us. Jesus/God is amazing!!!

    Ask Him to give you revelation and change you to the way it was before the fall of man: Christlikeness.

    He will do so. For it is written: "the Spirit brings forth after His own kind".

    "I have come to give you Zoë (divine life) in abundance…."

  6. What a bullshit answer… it is always if you keep distance from the divel you will be safe not just when he chained. So conclusion talk please from the Quran not abu musa said this abu khaled said this abu ahmad said that.. that is why people getting distance from my lovely religion islam.. because of all that abu's

  7. Abu Huraira reported God’s messenger as saying, “Except Mary and her son, no human being is born without the devil touching him, so that he raises his voice crying out because of the devil's touch”

    : Book 1, Hadith 63

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