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Why do Muslims Sacrifice Goats or Cows in Bakri Eid? – Dr Zakir Naik

Why do Muslims Sacrifice Goats or Cows in Bakri Eid? – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Good answer but it still doesn't address fundamentals. Meat for sacrifice and eating is different, and it isn't said in Hinduism that you "can't" eat meat, but it's a more evolved way of living as we aspire to the greatest. Sadhguru gives a good answer. Also, why isn't there compassion for suffering that we can see in an animal? Why no heart? Just because a prison warden is given permission to beat prisonners, shouldn't he feel a little bad?

  2. Beautiful lecture indeed but I have following questions & comments:
    1. As Dr. Zakir Naik quoted in Ch. 22 V. 7 the blood meat doesn't go to Allah but the piety of muslim, then why to sacrifies the poor animals? why not keep doing pietious deeds only? what's the point?.. It is also to consider that Animal/human Sacrifies were traditions far long in Pre-Islamic period, and strangely also the Demonic rituals includes the Animal/Human sacrifices too.. I wonder why Gods and Devils love so much this type of harsh bloody sacrifies. Then respected doctor said it is to feed poor.. the world is still living in poverty after killing millions of animals, why not spend this money in building up their lives..
    2. Dr. Zakir keeps citing Quran and says we are given this permission by Allah in Quran, the Quran which was written and got finalised in 1924 (because before 1923 there were 30 different versions of Quran), this is the Standard Quran which everyone use today based on Hafs 'an ʻAsim's recitation (who is not even from Hijaz, but Cairo) and by the way in Africa still there is another version of Quran being used. these two versions have more than 5000 differences… it is important to know what original manuscript looks like.. or maybe it doesn't exist anymore? Normally Muslims burned all the previous records of Quran..
    3. Dr. Zakir Naik is a MBBS doctor, I wonder how come he miss the basics.. there are many researches conducted which shows that plant based foods include all 23 essentials amino acids with differential levels. all vegetarians and vegans who consumed a varied plant protein diet had no essential amino acid deficiencies according to many studies.. another misleading point, Respected Doctor said cows and goats have flat teeth so they eat plants and lion, tigers, leopard have pointed teeth so they eat meat, Human have both so we can eat both.. if this is the logical then how come Gorilla, hippo, mouse etc eat only plant while having both flat and very big sharp pointed teeth ? Funny thing is that the food of the poor cows goats etc are plants again which are so called missing the essential amino acids..

  3. This is not qurbani at all, hmm ko khhaneko mile qorma, jaan jaye janwer ki orr qurbani hai hamari.?? Ye ek tradition hai to celebrate HJ, sb ko khane ko sufficient gosht miljaye, is liye prophet ne aesa kaha ke (qurbani) karo to gather big quantity of gosht, saying to follow prophet ibraheem, Prophet ibrahi did sacrifice his son on order of Allah, but we are not told to sacrifice son, so why qurbani for us? The intention is to establish festival of HJ to establish unity among Muslims, bcz unity is strength and we as Muslims need strength to establish equality n justice n peace in the whole world. To kill animal is not the intention but that time in Arab, this was only good food available but truely killing is also against basics of Islam, and therefore it should be stopped immediately. If Muslims understand this, the majority of people and budhhists, hindoos, communist, all will come into Islam and whole world would have Muslims as majority and Islam as no. 1.

  4. Is this Islam, that we shoot birds and then cut their throat, that too in the name of Allah !! and poor animals who are serving us , when they are old and if required young and children also, are slaughtered and we take name of Allah on this to hide behind islam. this is Islam ? If we understand this is Islam, then Islam is to serve humans only ?? This is Mullah's Islam and can not be Allah's Islam bcz we did not properly utilise wisdom (given) by Allah ( st), and we misused the concessions given in Quran pak for tough climatic conditions,
    I understand jesi hamari quality hai , wese hi halat dediye AllahPak ne hamarey liye ! Jb hm zulm ko zulm kehne waley nhi, tto kiya imaan hai hamara ?, and kiya pegham smjhe hm Allah ka (Quran pak)? isiliye still 80% world is non muslim and we are limited to 20 % only and this too is the achievement of prophet , sahaba and seniors of Islam ! not by us. Again i say arab was desert and is desert , isliye non veg , maslihatan allow kiya Allah pak ne and practice kiya rasoolAllah(sw) ne, wrna itna islam nhi felt a (Arabs would not join Islam as they survived on non veg food only) ! It does not mean that non veg food killing is appreciated by Allah pak and we have double standards for humans and others ( amimals, birds, innocents) in QuranPak !! If we stop nonveg food eating , this will be more accuracy towards Islam, as all of us dont belong to desert ! and millions will get correct message and run into Islam for the sake of peace , justice and equality (Islam must be known for these and not for non veg food) , and this world will be in safer hands and will be much better inshaAllah ! Ameen.

  5. Seems like theres no healthy food left in the world so let's kill a random goat 🐐 and distribute it among friends and a poor person….it's already scientifically proved that non veg is the reason of many diseases …… U just can't accept the truth because you are now addicted to meat…. Muslims didn't got the message Allah wanted to convey….he changed his son to goat because he was impressed by his devotion towards Allah…..abrahim knew how it's like to serve for higher purpose…..he turned son to goat as soon as he knew abrahims intention of devotion…..that doesn't mean kill goats and camels etc every year…..

  6. for the first time you hear a goat explaining how to sacrifice goats.. according to history and their supposedly holly book muslim are suppose to sacrifice their own son on that day not animals..

  7. Who think that sacrifice of animals in Eid isn't good or they don't eat meat bcoz animals have life, then why do they eat fish, vegetables? Fish and plants also have life

  8. Eid-ul-adha means the festival of sacrifice. The celebration of eid-ul-adha is to commemorate prophet ibrahim’s devotion to allah and his readiness to sacrifice his son, ismail. And ismail accepted wholeheartedly that his father will sacrifice him. At the very point of sacrifice, allah replaced ismail with a ram, which was to be slaughtered in place of his son. This command from allah was a test of prophet ibrahim’s willingness and commitment to obey allha’s command, without question. What is the immorality of the story (btw originating from the bible). Allah is cruel and sadistic asking a father to sacrifice his son. The father Ibrahim did not negotiate the sacrifice or proposed himself in order to protect and save his son. And the son accepted his death, because commanded by allah, but did not question the attitude of his father. That means, submit yourself totally to allah without questioning, even at the price of committing a major crime: murder and killing his son.

    (BTW, the version of the bible is a bit "softer". Ibrahim feels that the demand of god is not moral, that is why he lied to his son first.)

  9. Give your life to Jesus Christ you don't need to do animal sacrifice Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice died and rose again becoming humane flesh for our sake to feel what we feel as a man he humbled himself from the heavens! Jesus is the only way to be forgiven of your sins. The choice is yours AMEN

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