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Who was Responsible for the 2002 Gujarat Massacre in which Thousands of Muslims were Killed?

Who was Responsible for the 2002 Gujarat Massacre in which Thousands of Muslims were Killed? – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Danga Hindu Nehi karte, Danga Muslim nehi karte. Danga karte hai Dangebaaz. Our woh log kisi religion se belong nehi karte. Because they are not human being . May God bless the innocent people of Gujrat.🥺

  2. Ofc the whole world is dumb only you are enlightened.😂
    The height of stupidity is incomparable. They say terrorism has no religion, but all terrorists do.
    So much for a Peaceful religion.

  3. Listen brother i don't know what is your profession but I want to say you something if you're spending years on studying English or something can you only give your 2 days in order to study Islam and hindiusm
    If you will study Islam and hindiusm you will found same message brother have you ever think why Islam is fastest growing religion especially in America and European countries go brother and study it inshallah Allah will give you hidaya people if America especially Christians they are not fools they are very educated people
    I request you brother you to study Islam once I guarantee you that you will be able to differentiate between right and wrong
    I accept bro there is majority of Muslims which are deviated from what is right but for your benefit please study Islam

  4. Matlab jo bhi incident me muslims involved he vo inside job😂😂 Aur Quran padhte ho aap zakir sir. 9/11 bhi inside job tha to Muslims ko kyu uska hissa banane ka sokh hota he har baar? Muslims ko utni samajh nahi he k khud bure kaamo se dur rahe? Even Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, Osama Bin Laden, Kasaab were Muslims, Don't they have any sense of bad and good? Whenever I see you it feels like you support Muslims rather than supporting the Quran. Stop your extremism, if you can't then you should be in Saudi. I believe that 9/11 was inside job then why were 15 hijackers of the plane were Saudis Muslim?

  5. Dogle charitra ka aadmi sach nhi bolegaa . Eveeybody knows train coach was burn by godhra mualims by proper planning . So many accused accepted and convicted.. Why making fool to jahil panchar chap.

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