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Who are your Friends?| Ramadan Dates Ep. 24 with Sh. Bilal Dannoun

A person is known by their companions. Your friends reveal who you are. Sheikh Bilal Dannoun shows us how to pick the right friends and how to deal with bad ones.
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  1. Allah humma baarik beautifully explained love you all for the sake of Allah subhaanahu ta aala keep up the good works may Allah subhaanahu ta aala always have mercy bless protect guide help forgive reward and increase you all in abundance with all forms of goodness and us too Aameen thumma Aameen 🤲😭🤲💝

  2. I love the format of these videos and the short break inbetween makes them feel professional masha'allah, barakallahu feekun.

    I have many different friends, but alhamdullilah I try my best to stay close with those who are near the deen and, for those who are non-Muslim, I try to give the best image of what the character of a typical Muslim is like💖

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