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What To Do When Things Don’t Go Your Way ? ᴴᴰ ┇ Dawah Team

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  1. It s been 4 years that I m jobless I just cannot stand it anymore I pray I read Quran everyday and do zikr everyday I always feel like my ibada is not enough and indeed it s never enough but honestly I m not feeling good at all after remembering Allah swt I stress so hard I go from sad to happy and happy to extremely I start being ungrateful sometimes Astaghfirullah and then when I calm down I remember and I repent always but clearly none of those seem to work is it normal or only me because sometimes I feel extremely happy sometimes I feel extremely uncomfortable cannot sleep at night I don't like to share my story with anyone I always kept between me and Allah swt but this time around I just cannot keep it anymore

  2. I did study last year dentistry in a other country but i did fail. Maybe was my plan but subhanAllah it was not the plan of Allah swt maybe he gave me the sign that i should be closer to him. Let we pray for each other brothers and sister pray for people that are in a bad situation pray for the people which are weak and sick. Pray for strenght and health pray always because we only have Allah. Al-fatiha.

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