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  1. What happens if a Muslim man wants to marry a Hindu girl and the girls is prepared to revert to Islam, and only the girls family accepts the guy but the guys family’s does not approve of the girl for marriage ?

  2. We are here in 21 century and is so sad how many people go throught this….no matter what love is between two people and only lovers should choosd to be with one they love

  3. Most common problem in today's world. Parents try to satisfy their ego. They don't care about th happiness of their children. They just want to maintain their superiority. They care more about society rather than their children's happiness.

  4. Though marriage is a beautiful companionship but if a person gets married just because he thinks to get some that some won't last all day Everyday for the rest of your life you have to be prepared and study this topic how to be a Good spouse in Islam. Because if a guy gets married and still Act Like a Boy and just want to be taken care of it means he's definitely not ready and need to study up how to become a man who can take care of his wife and children
    And the same apply to women to read up on how to become the "perfect" wife it's just like a person that say that he want to become a doctor and as soon as a patient Steps into his Office he tells him that he can sit and he(The Doc) will just take a nap or start playing the piano or something you get my point
    You have to read up on it and really Be Prepared for that biggest job/ responsibility that you take on your life (So that you can live in peace with each other)
    That is marriage

  5. Please pray for us,my boyfriend he want to marry me,he send my pictures to his mom.His mom tell him shameless and yelling him badly.Please I'm begging pray for us that his family accept me.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. I'm also facing this situation
    His parents doesn't support us and I don't know what happened to him
    He doesn't talk to me
    🥺 I don't know what to do
    He said that he will convince his parents but his parents were very rude towards him
    Please pray for us
    And I hope that allah will help me 🥺❤️
    😓My parents also gave me lot of pressure and I don't know how to face this all alone 🥺
    Please dua for me 🥺
    His parents doesn't support us because of status😓
    I'm going through very toughest situation even my parents also doesn't understand me 😓
    Please pray for us ❤️

  7. parents bring up their children ,help support them in every way ,lose their whole youth for children only ,to bring smile on their face they encounter every difficulty ,dear fellow s if they want u to marry on their will, please bow down, their choice can never be wrong for u, youth prefer it's 1,2,3,4, 5 years love over their whole life's love and investment…bravo…Islam allows for love marriage but where goes parents love and heart,proud,ego,we should secure their ego that truest love for parents……atleast I can sacrifice my love for my parents will…and I did…nd happy now Alhumdullilah…

  8. I was dating a guy secretly but at the end my family found out and I told em I love him alot but they are not listening to meh and my brothers also went to beat him but we both are super in love with each other what should I do they want meh to marry someone else because they call him black and they say he's Indian but he's muslim what should I do pls dua for us 😮‍💨

  9. When you love someone based on his consciousness towards Allah and he is a practicing Muslim but he gets married with someone else and you never revealed it infront of your parents nor infront of that guy then what you will do?

  10. Undergoing something which cannot be explained 😔
    I need him from the bottom of my heart..
    We both need each other
    We were fighting so long for our parents blessings..

    But they are accusing us without a reason.
    They say that our physical features doesn't match 😣

    I don't wanna lose him.

    But now.. I can't even ask my parents as they are blackmailing me..

    I am so scared of my dad..

    I donno what to do..
    Please guide me 😔
    Tell me a solution please 😔

  11. I'm looking for a pious divorced Muslim American woman to have HALAL NIKAH.Someone who's independent loyal and beautiful from inside….I live in Maryland. Must be US CITIZEN. Between the ages of 39-45 revert Muslim woman. She could be Caucasian or Latino.
    I'm a simple hardworking man who doesn't smoke or drink. I Have a good sense of humor..I never mentally or physically abused my X- .things didn't work between us.we decided peacefully to move on with our lives…

  12. assalamualaikum i am facing the same situation i loved boy so deeply but my parents are against my love they say he will not rich he's not well educated etc but he loves me and i love him too please pray for us😭

  13. No Music, A woman can not marry a non muslim but a man can. I am so happy that I left this faith. This faith is a Disgusting faith that is destroying so many lives look at Afghanistan pakistan saudia arabia no rights for women SOO SADDD

  14. Reading the comments here made me realize I am not alone in facing the same problem. Racism, different cultures, insubordination to mother means you will go to hell without any ease in this earth, emotional blackmail, and etc. Its so painful. I'd rather be single than marry someone I dislike. Youth just want halal marriage and its their parents making it hard for them, thus continue with haram relationship. Why not follow the sunnah? No racism nor any discriminations stuff with culture. I pray that the next generation will be more open minded than this present generation of our parents.

  15. I have been facing a similar situation,his parents are disapproving. It looks almost impossible however i am not able to give up hope and move on. Please pray

  16. But in this century still some parents are very selfish they always think when we marry our daughter with that kind of person who is not rich so what will people say around us like they want show off i want marry with one of the person who is from backward village and i am from main city my parents reject him for that thing that he is from backward villege so we cant do this relatives gossip i m depressed but i dont want marry woth other guy without him but my family is totally against me now i am very depressed what to do

  17. I'm facing this hardest situation now😢 I'm christian but I fell in love with the muslim. His parents want him to marry someone in his country and I noticed that his going to have a communication to that girl😭 it's so hard to lose him but I want the best for him 💔

  18. Please pray i get married to the love of my life. It’s so difficult to live like this, there are so many fights and difficulties. I want to marry him as soon as possible. Please pray.
    I want to marry him but the only problem is that we are in first year of university and his parents won’t let him marry until he finds a job. I pray a miracle happens and we get married within a month.

  19. I've done everything right, my father gave me to his family as a slave. Yes I suffered, I am independent I work and happily married. But both parents rejected me to date, for more than 40 yrs I still try get close to them but I do not see a way to have a normal relationship with my parents. I lost hope, it has effected me physically and mentally. I just want to right by Allah.

  20. I want to marry some one but my parents doesn't let me.they forced me to marry some one else they want me to marry a rich guy they don't allow me to marry the man which I want to its just becouse he is not rich he is from middle class family what should I do my heart cry so badly 😭

  21. My dad cut ties with me today for standing my ground after waiting their approval for 3 years to marry someone who Is from a different ethnic background who is a revert long before we even met … he just said it’s that non Muslim man or me your dad … you can bring a Somali man of your choice or a Somali man of my choice …
    He didn’t listen what I had to say back then we I wanted to marry 3 years ago and now ..
    I choose to do right by Allah take halal with a person of my choice
    My ties are cut with him

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