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what is the correct Nisaab for farm produce

Answer By Dr Zakir Naik, Allah says in the Qur’an in Surah Baqarah ch. no. 2 verse no. 267 “Give of what you have lawfully earned…..Give of the good things you have earned and the fruits of the earth which we have produced for you.” there are 2 types of farm produce, one farm produce which does not require any human labor or irrigation and they are watered by the rain water, no human labor is required, no irrigation, on this farm produce 10% Zakaat is liable… 10%, should be given on the day of harvest. And those on which water is required by the human beings i.e. man made irrigation or labor is required on them 5% Zakaat is liable on the day of harvest. And for those items which are perishable fruits etc. like orange, mango, banana, grapes all of them Zakaat is not liable but if you sell and if you make a profit and if that profit is kept with you for a year and if it reaches above Nisaab level then Zakaat is not liable on that


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  1. I have irrigated agricultural land I pay 1/20 in ushr on my farm products that includes sugarcane,wheat, maize, melons even trees(which I normally sell after gap of 6 to 7 years) and ushr is paid without consideration of profit or loss
    @Dr Zakir your guidance is required in this regard and especially elaborate on ushr on trees which we usually grow on the boundaries of our agricultural land
    Is ushr only applicable on profitable harvests? Because last season my crop ( melons) was total loss but still I paid 1/20 of my total sell in ushr

  2. what if I have earned for eg Rs 1000 of my crop i. e wheat and my expenses are Rs1100 and I am going to be in loss of 100 do I still have to pay zakat or ushar at the time of harvest ?

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