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What is Nisaab on Gold and Silver?

Answer By Dr Zakir Naik, Zakaat percent is 2½ percent, the nisaab level for gold is 85 grams of gold or 7½ tola and for silver the Nisaab is 595 grams of silver or 52½ tola of silver.Ibn Maajah in the Book of Zakaat Hadith no. 1791 its mentioned that
“Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), she says that the Prophet used to take half dinaar for every 20 dinaar And one dinaar for every 40 Dinaar. That means 1/40th of the portion or percentage wise 2½%. So whatever gold do you have with you whether 85 grams of gold or above you have to give 2.5% of that gold if it is with you for one year in Zakaat.


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