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What Does Islam Say About Visiting Graves? ᴴᴰ ┇Mufti Menk┇ Dawah Team

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  1. I am a seeker of truth and am not a sectarian. I want you to answer my question. I want to know why the Green Dome was built above the tombs of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and the Khulafaa'-Rashidun, since it is against the teachings of Islam? Second question: The Green Dome was built in the thirteenth century and attempts were made to demolish it in, as late as, the nineteenth century. My question is why didn't the majority of the scholars before the nineteenth century up until the thirteenth century object to the building of the Green Dome and make/justify attempts to demolish it throughout those centuries since it was against Islam? Why were attempts to demolish it only made it eighteenth century? Or even, why was it built in the first place in the thirteenth century and its building justified by majority of the scholars who lived closer to the times of the tab'i tabi'een than the scholars who justified its demolition in the eighteenth century?

  2. The Quranic ruling on building structures on top of graves is in surat Kahf verse 21. Oh people, don't follow these pop-up scholars who have their own opinions. Follow he Quran.

  3. Its not like u are saying.. Its a kind of good deed that.. If a person visits a grave of his family or sahabas which helped nabi s a on his lifetime's.. So people visit to that sahabas grave place for to ask with allah to forgive this qabar and his sins like duas. That's u were all trying to saying that. If a person visits to grave then start saying around people like you he gone to ask with grave and dead person.. Wht kind of attitude is this!?..we are in india all sunni has visits qabar of family frnds and also a great people who stands islam on india. Ex. Moiyuddeen sheik. Thats bcs of only ask with allah that we are nothing and you're most loved persons grave is here and asking to allah that forgiveness on stand

  4. Assalamualaikum
    You are misguiding big brother. In that graves there are shaheed people. Whoever die in way of Allah never die we know.
    So we go there to ask dua for us by Allah. And remember We don't partner anyone beside Allah. May allah subhanahu wataala forgive us.
    Pls stop spreading fitnah everywhere . Don't kill spiritual life spreading hate everywhere

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