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Was Guru Nanak a Muslim? – Dr Zakir Naik

Was Guru Nanak a Muslim? – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Why do you keep on chatting shit stop disrespecting Sikhs.
    Go and get stop proof where it sais that get some reference first then act like you tell the truth which you don't

  2. Proper Sikhs ONLY worship, like the Muslims, the ONE God. Sikhs do NOT worship the gurus, they were full of divine inspiration. Guru Nanak experienced a deep divine revelation and he was ordered to spread the need to worship and obry this one God. I am very very impressed by this Muslim speaker. He is knowledgable and very respectful of the Sikhs. He explains better than lost, deluded Sikhs who are into new age silly practices, worshipping the self. I am nit usually impressed by this man. Today I am impressed.

  3. Sikhism is a massive cult,he was a cultist no different to the cultists of today aka scientology because he wasn't prophet so the almighty didn't reveal anything to him or give him any instructions and he corrupted muslims around him.

  4. Sikhism is a massive cult,he was a cultist no different to the cultists of today aka scientology because he wasn't prophet so the almighty didn't reveal anything to him or give him any instructions and he corrupted muslims around him.

  5. time 3:05 -> Dr. Zakir Nayek was saying WRONG.
    Guru Nanok – what he preached and later other gurus , (Total may be 12 Gurus in Shikh Religion) – what thay believe about God, Almighty are absulately not same/similar about what Muslims, Followers of Muhammad Sollallahu 'Alaihisssalam belive . And Believe/ Belief/Aquida is an important subject in Islam. As a Muslim one person must- believe in (1) One God/Creator/ Rab=Lord and (2) Firista or Angels (3) Asmany Kitab or Holy Books from Allaah Ta'ala (100 small and 4 big total 104) (4) All prophets and Rasuls like – Hazrat Adam Alaihissalaam , Hazrat Ibrahiim(Abraham) Alaihissalaam , Hazrat Musa Alaihissalaam , Hazrat Iisa (Jesus) Alaihissalaam , Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sollallaah 'Alaihissalaam (5) The Life after Death after Quimat/Quimah (6) Good or Bad all from Allaah Ta'ala ie on luck / Taqdeer . Are Shikh Believe in these subjects. Allaah Ta'ala have famous 99 names called ASMAUL HUSNA. These names expresses Allaah Ta'ala's many good qulaities/ characteristics. Are the Gurus of Shikhs and SHikh People believe in these names of their God. So Shikhs are not Muslim. AND GURU NANOK AND LATER OTHER NANOKS AND SHIKH PEOPLE ARE NOT MUSLIMS.

  6. Guru Nanak was more decent than the founder of the Muslim faith who twas possessed by the demon.Who did Muhammad say he saw in the Hira Cave? He said he had seen the devil or Satan and he came trembling and shivering back home. Confession is the master of evidence. Muhammad confessed that he saw a Devil or was touched by a Demon. Khadijah convinced him that what he saw was the Angel. Thirdly: Khadijah's testimony is rejected because she saw nothing to testify about. It is a fact: You testify to what is seen.The truth is clarified in the books of the Prophet's biography and the books of Islamic heritage, beloved Muslims, but truth is in their heritage books. The fact that the creature that appeared to him in the cave in various manifestations, is that he: is a follower from the Jinn, in other words it is the Devil, and a third more comprehensive expression is that he feared for himself from this time. In the book (Al-Sirah Al-Halabiyah, 1/380) "From Umaru bin Sharhabil that the Messenger of Allah said to Khadija.. I am afraid that the one who calls me is a follower of the Jinn (Demon)." "I am afraid that the madness in me is touched from the Jinn (Demon)." Again Khadijah’s witness is not accepted under Muslim law: As it is a witness of a woman, and woman in Islam lack in intellect and religion. This comes from the statement of Muhammad in (Sahih Bukhari 2/531, Hadith 1393) Khadijah’s testimony is illegal: you do not accept a testimony unless it is from two men, or one man and two women. (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:282- And bring to witness two witnesses from among your men. And if there are not two men,then a man and two women from those whom you accept as witnesses – so that if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her.} And here is Khadijah who is giving a testimony alone, and it is wrong as described in the Quran. So it is a testimony not by Shariah. The whole Quran contradicts itself and destroys the testimony of Khadijah that what Muhammad saw was the Angel Jibreel. Accept the confession of Muhammad and the conclusion is that the whole Muslim religion is founded by Satan

  7. I think Gru Nanak was Muslim as he born in hindu family (that time there was no Sikhism) but he interested in Islam thats the reason why his all teachers were Muslims and he also visited several Muslims Countries including Holy Kaba and everybody knows who can visit kaba🤗 you know also till Guru nanak demise there is no Sikhism so on his demise who fought each others? yes! You are right Muslims and Hindus about his final rituals there were no sikh that time also after several years other grus made grunanak teaching, amalgamation of Islam and hinduisim but still oneness of Allah (God) is still there in Grugarnth Sahib🤗

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