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Undeniable PROOF that Muhammad was sent from GOD

Did the Prophet Muhammad copy and plagiarise the Bible? Did he write the Quran himself? Did he lay claim to Prophethood for fame, power and status?

In the modern world of aggressive scepticism, doubt and hyper-evangelicals hell-bent on disproving Islam – how can we truly prove the Prophet Muhammad was in fact a Prophet.

In this video we were joined with Shaykh Mohammed Elshinawy, an Imam, researcher and Author of the Book, “The Final Prophet, Proof of the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad”. We asked him all the difficult questions and this is how he responded.


00:00 Introduction
01:14 Did the Prophet Muhammad perform Miracles?
03:46 Why was he the last Messenger sent?
05:00 How do we know he wasn’t seeking worldly fame and status?
09:56 Did he write the Quran himself?
13:44 Did Muhammad copy the Bible?
16:30 Why did the Prophet wage battles if he was a Prophet?
21:40 Does the Prophet have the ability to repair the world’s problems?

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