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Unboxing The Secrets and Jewels of Surah Yusuf

We sit down with Muslim Scholars and Storytellers to unpack the secrets and gems of the best story ever told – the story of Yusuf.

Joining us in this video is Shaykh Suleiman Hani

By exploring Surah Yusuf we are able to extract several life lessons and learnings.


00:00 – Intro
01:13 – The Importance of Stories
04:00 – What’s so Special about Surah Yusuf?
05:36 – The Lessons of Zulaycha’s Fitna
08:52 – The lessons of Yaqub Patience.
12:20 – Why did Prophet Yusuf request request a role of Power?
13:25 – The Legendary Forgiveness of Yusuf

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  1. As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
    For sunni salafi brothers who did not know, thses guys are innovators, friends of innovators. Avoid them and their channels all together!

  2. – [00:00]🎥 The Quran is rich in storytelling, offering powerful lessons through captivating narratives.
    – [05:08]📚 Stories in the Quran serve as inspiration, teaching patience, courage, and perseverance in challenging times.
    – [09:35]🌟 Surah Yusuf is distinguished as one of the best stories due to its relevance to everyday life, covering themes like family dynamics, jealousy, and temptation.
    – [14:19]🤝 Prophet Yakub's legendary patience amidst grief teaches the importance of embracing emotions while maintaining trust in Allah.
    – [19:43]🔍 Prophet Yusuf's request for a position of power demonstrates proactive leadership, emphasizing the need for Muslims to step up and take charge in society.
    – [24:11]💖 Surah Yusuf highlights the profound act of forgiveness, urging Muslims to forgive others as they seek forgiveness from Allah.
    – [30:18]🧠 Reflecting on the story of Yusuf reveals Allah's subtle guidance and the importance of trust in His plan, even during times of adversity.
    – [01:25]🙏 Recognize Allah's blessings in your life journey, as He orchestrates events for your benefit.
    – [01:57]🤲 Trust in Allah's wisdom and plan for your life, knowing that He knows what's best for you.
    – [02:24]🙌 Have faith that Allah is always there for you, just as He was for Yusuf (Joseph).

  3. Beautiful production and outstanding recitation mashallah! I subscribed after watching the video on "Tik Investigation of the Aussie Undertaker. Had me in tears and so glad to have done so and now watched this beautiful clip as well. Share people with your loved ones!

  4. As a father who is struggling with his son, this video was a gift for me in this month. Also if i may add some critique, whenever there is a younger female speaker, if the camera can show a different angle rather than directly at het, it will help to lower the gaze insha allah. This Has been done in this channel before masha allah. Our women are like jewels, their beauty is meant for a hand few of people. بارك الله فيك

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