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They left their mother like this 😢

Excerpt from our episode with Ahmad Hraiche, ‘The Muslim Undertaker’.

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  1. The exception dosent make the rule and let's be honest most of the time it's over petty family disputes..material.. ego… wives.. husbands .. sibling issues…. totally disturbing and disgusting…

  2. Our family have ALWAYS had a saying NEVER go to bed on an argument when it comes to family .
    Death coukd come in the night even if you're young and health .ALWAYS resolve your difference before you sleep or part ways with loved ones

  3. Some parents are very difficult, it often happens with mothers. And its usually not a grudge. Sometimes its the mother trying to create a fight for her own entertainment. We forget that those female bullies in school grow up to become mums. I know someone like this. She caused her own husband to die of a heart attack and i think she regrets her actions but i dont think she fully takes responsibility for what she did to him. One daughter tries to keep minimal contact. And the rest meet her but ignore her attempts to start a fight

  4. I love my parents they lived with me n my nabeels. Its the people who are evil n greedy. Shaitan loves to whispher hate n greed. They will be punished with hellfire, n never forgiven.

  5. In my case, I cut ties with my father. I don't think he deserves the title. I can't accept him because of how irresponsible he was when he's still with my mother. The stories i heard about him from my family almost always bad, except my mom said he's good at reciting qur'an. Very weird indeed. But 20 years later, i still can't fully forgive him, i can't even pray for him.. i just don't know what to wish.. it just won't come out.
    He's still alive, my brother knows where he lives.

  6. My mum accused me of sleeping with my brother accused my dad of sihr and then let my brother wonder the streets without his medication leading him to be hospitalised. Someone like that what do they deserve? It’s not only black and white.

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