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The Touch Stone of Theology – Dr Zakir Naik

The Touch Stone of Theology – Dr Zakir Naik

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  1. The whole 🌎 was trying to convince Me as if the GOD that moves the Cosmos isn't real mostly because it's not under their banners I want to visit Mecca but I won't deny what You have seen to be true Good afternoon ♥️😇👋


    The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

    "Whoever does Ghusl (ritual bath) on Friday and cleanses himself, and sets out early (by walking), and comes close to the Imam and listens (to the Khutbah) and keeps quiet, for every step he takes he will have the reward of fasting and praying Qiyaam for one year."

    (Jaami' At-Tirmidhi, 496, Sahih (Al-Albani))

    Ibn Hajar al-Haytami: It was said that there is nothing in the Sunnah, in any Saheeh report, greater than this reward

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