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The Sustainer God in Hindu Scriptures – Dr Zakir Naik

The Sustainer God in Hindu Scriptures – Dr Zakir Naik

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  1. This is another example of ignorant yet viral propaganda. This quotation is used by the great and incomparable (sarcasm) Zakir Naik to comically try to prove that Hindus themselves do not know their own religion and scriptures.

    Shukla Yajur Veda (32.3):

    न तस्य प्रतिमा अस्ति यस्य नाम महद्यशः । हिरण्यगर्भ इ्त्येष मा मा हिंसीदित्येषा यस्मान्न जात इत्येषः ॥

    na tasya pratimA asti yasya nAma mahadyashah | ‘hiraNyagarbha’ ityeSha ‘mA mA himsId’ityeShA yasmAnna jAta ityeShah ||

    “There is no comparison of him, whose name is Great Glory. As seen in the hymns starting with ‘hiraNyagarbha’, ‘mA mA himsId’, ‘yasmAnna jAta’.”

    All the traditional commentaries are unambiguous and unanimous that the word “pratimA” is “pratimAnam” which means “comparison”.

    Uvvata’s commentary says: “न तस्य पुरुषस्य प्रतिमा प्रतिमानभूतं किञ्चिद्विद्यते” — “na tasya puruShasya pratimA pratimAnabhUtam kincid vidyate” — The word “pratimA” is explained as “pratimAnabhUtam” i.e. “comparative”.

    Mahidhara’s commentary says: “तस्य पुरुषस्य प्रतिमा प्रतिमानमुपमानं किञ्चिद्वस्तु नास्ति” — “tasya puruShasya pratimA pratimAnam upamAnam kincid vastu nAsti” — The word “pratimA” is explained as “pratimAnam” and “upamAnam”, which both undoubtedly mean “comparison” or “measuring up”.

    The ignorance of people who use this mantra for devious deceitful purposes is as incomparable as the Great Glorious Hiranyagarbha.

    There is no mantra in the Vedas that prohibits the worship of God through images.

    Please read this answer to get an authentic understanding:

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