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The Secret to Becoming a Better Listener | Mikaeel Ahmed Smith (Full Podcast)

In a world of noise and distraction, how does one centralise their ability to become a better listener? How does one use their listening skills to better their relationships with themselves, those around them and above all – Allah?

We sit down with Shaykh Mikaeel Ahmed Smith from Qalam Institute in Dallas Texas to discuss his most recent publication, “When hearing becomes listening. The Art of Prophetic Listening”.

Please watch our earlier Podcast with Shaykh Mikaeel on his previous book, “The Emotional and Moral Intelligence of Prophet Muhammad” – here:

00:00 Introduction
02:37 What was the inspiration behind writing the Book
05:10 Why is it important to become a better listener
09:54 What is attachment theory
16:10 The importance of developing “felt security”
20:30 The damage of being selfish in our listening
26:30 Not having the emotional bandwidth to listen to others
36:00 How to respond to what is truly being said
39:30 Listening to respond instead of listening truthfully
42:20 The balance between staying silent and speaking about our problems
48:25 Story about the father who complained about his son to the Prophet
56:37 The Dangers of venting on social media
1:08:00 How does one connect with Allah through listening

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