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The Quran Speaks about the Water Cycle in Several Verses – Dr Zakir Naik

The Quran Speaks about the Water Cycle in Several Verses – Dr Zakir Naik

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    Galatoma hayyana Eid Arefa this is the neighborhood of the name of Allah the Almighty and the Messenger of Allah the Prophet Muhammad SAW and the Quran of Allah the Almighty. aa not necessary news for example the messenger of God prophet Jesus or Jesus inherited the Holy Spirit from a holy woman like Judas the son of adultery not saying he is holy he has something created how he has nature what happened How can there be so much doubt among all the separatists and the Jews that he is innocent because of the ignorant separatists who made the attempt to kill and crucify the Jews? I wanted to remind them again if Allah wills inshallah make a title for the sake of the dear people of the world remind them and my life for the sake of the Muslim people What is the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad SAW, the silent Muslim Ummah, the greatest Ummah of the world in the past? Like the Jews and Christians calling each other on evil and forbidding each other from evil and calling each other on good Alhuhamdullahi praise be to Allah the great Muslims and the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad SAW He made countless nimma only to the Muslim ummah and gave the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad SAW the Holy Quran and gave us His people the hadith in the spring and made the interpretation of all the Quran Let us analyze how we are praying the people on this day of Hajj?

    I would like to remind you to respect the Muslims and the Muslim Sheikhs of the 7 continents who are alive and who have agreed with Allah to make duhii because of the grace of Allah one knows the world of the quran marriage day of divinity but the world one day the quran marriage has no doubt because the world of the holy scriptures is ashamed of the sun as it wants what it wants written in the hands of Jews and Christians are you looking for a solution how can the holy quran rule the world free from the hands of the mujjirrama and the holy polytheists and hypocrites? Dear Muslims of all 7 continents, ask them As wr wb for greetings. There are no number of greetings. Only Allah knows if the person intends what if we say the whole world? What we are saying to the Muslim sheikhs whom Allah has been pleased with is that the enemy's children have entered Islam and made du'ahi. Know your divinity, O Allah, we say what you have given to those who have what

    All the above mentioned things are true if a person who believes in Allah and expiates the judgment and believes in the Messengers of Allah knows that the people of the world are better than the people of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad SAW what is the sunni tenth? Kaa for example what should I look for even if I don't already have it? give some of the following things we should ask ourselves do you already have the following things?

    1) a person should hold Islamic Aqeedah or positive attitude what kind of positive attitude? How can they say that he should hold pure monotheism in the spring and that he should stand up for the truth of the worship of Allah alone?
    2. He must make pure worship What kind of pure worship? Who made the holy Worship ? We have said that Ibadah means only the true worship of Allah and what is the true act of worshiping only the Sunni worship is called pure Ibadah
    3 pure attitude and pure worship combined provides what is called morality a muslim should hold pure morality you have a short answer to the question that emphasized the root of the problem of murtadi knowing respectfully wanted to remind them
    4 ) every Islamic person should focus on knowledge because before Allah commands us to worship the Messenger of Allah Muhammad SAW commanded to write the name of your Lord on the iqaar we have forbidden for example the Jews and Christians are in darkness do you have a short answer to the question of the scientists have children? Does the professor have children? Leave the spring things to the scientists and professors of the 7 continents who emphasized that only correcting the holy books respectfully ask them continued 10 ten things every muslim should have 6 later we will come back to it if Allah wills inshallah but the number four level muslim should focus on knowledge because Iblis said he knew me and we lost what happened ignorantly what evil knows only Allah knows what happened to the Muslim Ummah in knowledge

    it should be focused
    I want to explain to them the basis of this knowledge or a story. The beginning of what is called a story is what Allah said in the Holy Quran or if you did a mission

    1 as it is known the dispute of those who believe in Allah and those who disbelieve in Allah we are always in dispute as it is in all religions we are hypocrites for example in Christianity Marti Luther king 👑 founded Protestants you focus on belittling the knowledgeable and you focus on belittling these knowledgeable people because in the old days there was a great German man who owned a property like commercial bank of Ethiopia and he had a homosexual hotel where men were allowed to go to men Call the people together and answer my question in front of the people. You have said that every question in the Qur'an has an answer. Dear people of the world, what is the strange thing that this great German man saw in his dream or Manama at night? "I saw a beautiful wooden night house standing in a field at night and the forest floor of this single tree was eaten by a shadow or a lizard and it was devoured. When I came back the second day I focused on uprooting it This big alma saw many children teaching the teachers in the house and asked who would untie it for me. How can a little boy be replaced by a big Alma who is a little hypocrite? Answer the question mentioned above and emphasize that it is pleasing in your head

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