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The most BEAUTIFUL Garden – Masha’Allah!! 😍

Benjamin from Mareeba takes us for a tour of his garden – and explains how it reminds him of Allah.

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  1. Subhan Allah for making us see Our creator blessings of beauty in everything artistry in everything of his creations Allah is Al mussawir Al Jamaal Al Jameel Al Jalal wal ikraam

  2. This garden truly reminded me of Jannah. And I know Jannah is far more beautiful than anybody could ever imagine. But I guess these beautiful gardens are a small sneak peek into what’s coming.
    May Allah make us of the dwellers of Al Jannah tul Firdous 🤲🏻🤲🏻
    May we be able to see ALLAH AWJ every single day Ameen 🤲🏻❤️❤️❤️

  3. I love how this page always reach many kind of people and relate it with Allah and Islam, from The Gardener, The Farmer and more people from any job. That make people see, how islam is the way of life, not just at Masjeed. But Islam encompass all aspects of life.

  4. Taliban say 8 killed in Pakistani strikes on AfghanistaN😔😔

    PakistaN stop killed innocent😔Family😔😔

    Pray for all innocentt FamilY😔

    May Allah protect innocenT family😔

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