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The Imams Panel: Leading the Community

On this episode of “The Imams Panel”, we are joined by some of Australia’s leading Imams to discuss issues of pertinent importance to young Muslims living in Western countries, particularly in Australia and abroad.
We are joined by Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman from the United Muslims of Australia, Sheikh Abu Zoud from Sunnah Foundation, Sheikh Dr. Kamal Taleb from Roselands Masjid and Mufti Zeeyad Ravat from the Pillars of Guidance Community Centre in Melbourne.

00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – How should Muslim Youth overcome Islamophobia?
07:04 – Should Muslims be more politically involved?
11:47 – Should Muslims align themselves with the LGBT movement?
20:25 – What are Imams doing to cater for Muslim Women?
30:12 – How should Imams deal with sexual misconduct in the community?
44:45 – Advice to the Youth


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