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The Concept of Ahl Al Kitaab in the Quran – Dr Zakir Naik

The Concept of Ahl Al Kitaab in the Quran – Dr Zakir Naik

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  1. Jesus said Naik, if he love Me,(JESUS) Keep my Commandment. Not you, you are still breathing through your nose. You can't give life to anyone, that including yourself.

  2. I dont understand how islam does not belive jesus is the son of god. They belive in jesus and his teachings but dont belive he is the son of god. Jesus healed dead people and brought them back to life. Please tell me Islam who can heal dead people and bring back to life? Yes you are right only GOD jesus is god and him and the father are one. Please wake up and turn away from islam.

  3. If you do not have God in your life and have no blessings to connect you directly to God because of your faith in the book you study and the religion you follow then you are either following a false religion that has no true path to God or you have failed to understand what you have studied and have thus failed to find a true spiritual and personal connection to God. If you have no blessings where God has answered your prayers, no dreams where angels or God come and show you the future or help guide you away from harm, and nothing in your life to make you a witness of the existence of God through your experiences then everything you have learned is either false or you have failed to understand it and make that real life connection with your Creator. Having a great academic understanding of religious books like the Quran, Torah, and Bible is of no value if you do not also have a direct spiritual connection with God.

  4. Ahl al kitab. people of the book. those who follow torah of moses [ do not have it today]. and gospels of Jesus ]. do not have it today only have gospel of mark. Matt Luke and John. not of Jesus

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