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Should Muslims support LGBT rights to help Islamophobia | Dr Shadee Elmasry

The following is an excerpt from Dr Shadee Elmasry after being asked about a question in relation to fighting Islamophobia through social activism. He touched on the topic of being forced into supporting other movements such as the LGBT movement which will then conflict against our faith.


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  1. I'm totally against Muslims supporting wrong causes to get acceptance.. But aside from that, if Muslims don't make efforts to be accepted by the majority of people around the world, then this will hinder their Da'wa efforts. What do you think?

  2. it is said in the Quran that the Quran will misguide a lot of people and will also guide a lot of them and it will not misguide except those who are corrupt….so if u come across someone that is against the rules and sharia of the Quran then just know that he is an ignorant corrupted person who obviously approached the Quran reading it with a negative attitude not for the sake of educating and enlightening oneself so he/she is pushed towards misguide and he/she becomes aggressive and hater of the Quran Islam and muslims in general…so such people (islamaphobics)we shouldn't bother arguing with them 'coz it a waste of time…islam will neva change no matter what….

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