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Shariah Barbaric or Perfect? by Dr Zakir Naik | Part-3 | Question and Answer Session

An exclusive talk by Dr Zakir Naik followed by open Question and Answer Session on the topic Shariah Barbaric or Perfect?


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  1. Oh almighty Allah ! Save our living computer Dr. Zakir Nayek and protect his I R F from all kinds of conspiracies of enemies and miscreants. He is the greatest scholar of the world. He is a world wide renowned orator and Islamic thinker. Every educated person should listen to his lectures and speeches and follow him.

  2. Were there only Muslims in the army there was Hindus in the army of Delhi sultans and mughals were they exempted from paying jisiya no they weren't so don't Bluff thinking nobody other than you know history

  3. and It explains arising of whole mass of suffering(birth, aging, death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair – the cycle of becoming | existing | cease)
    not only that but also the "Cessation of Suffering"

  4. that exactly is the conflict!

    also, the introduction of a 'First Cause/creator/god' makes one to justify in asking for the cause of that 'First Cause'

    but the conditioning relationship of beginning less causes and effects(Dependent Origination) explains how things "come into being, presently exist, and cease"

  5. Proving there is no "Allah(God)"

    here we go…

    "Kuran" says God is "Testing" People here on Earth(Test Ground)

    1. "God" should be a "Fair one"(cannot be "Unfair")
    2. So "Test" should be a "Fair Test" because God is Fair
    3. Some people born with Disabilities at "Birth" such as Blind,Deaf or Die on Birth
    4. Proves not a Fair Test to Everyone
    5. So God is "Not Fair"

    So thing refer to "Allah" should be No "God"

    Every thing in the Universe is happening by "Cause and Effect" there is no "God"

  6. does this mean to say that muslim in india are part of other country and should fight hindus….asshole stop dividing brothers…we hindus n muslims in india dont have issue and every muslim of india is capable of gaining his rights.we dont want you to tell us wat to do n what not to…i respect n love every muslim brother n sister.but guys i request you to shut this man up.

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