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Salaah and Hajj on the First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah – Dr Zakir Naik

Salaah and Hajj on the First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Allah Almighty Exalted Above the heaven

    Above His 'Arsh: (Above The Greatest Throne),

    Everything is under His knowledge, control & vision.

    All praise belongs to Allah Alone

    All power and all dominion.

    Our Lord is Allah SWT. There is no 'True God' / 'True Ilah except Allah. Allah is Exalted Above ‘Arsh, above the heaven. Holy Qur'an is Allah's Word and final revelation for mankind. Allah is the One and Unique True Deity'. None is worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad PBUH is Allah's servant and messenger ♥♥♥

    All praise belongs to Allah alone

    All power and all dominion,

    The beautiful name, the perfect quality belongs to Allah alone

    He is the Pure and indivisible One.


  2. Assalamualaikum Warahmotullahi Waborkatuhu.
    How are you Dr.Zakin Nike?
    Alhamdulillah I am fine by the grace of almighty Allah.
    Thanks for this video. Assalamualaikum Warahmotullahi Waborkatuhu.
    Allah hafez.

  3. Thank you Dr.Zakir🤲🏾

    📍Guys..don’t forget Sudan 💔💔🇸🇩

    Sudan in numbers:

    _More than 10.7 million people were displaced from their homes.

    _Including 9 million internally displaced people.

    _ 19 million children are out of school.

    _Murder, rape and robbery.

    _The first priority in Sudan has become contraceptive pills, due to the attacks that happen to girls!!

    -More than 20 million people are at risk of famine.

    _More than 70% of hospitals are out of service.

    _Ethnic cleansing and genocide crimes in the country.

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