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Reply to the Media Allegation – “All Muslims are not Terrorists but All Terrorists are Muslims”

Reply to the Media Allegation – “All Muslims are not Terrorists but all Terrorists are Muslims” – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. He is smart… very smart…
    To manipulate and to make others fool very smartly…..
    Surprisingly, people never do cross check with all his manipulated proven speeches…. one of that I can prove right here…. in case of indira gandhi, it was not a security guard, it was the person from her own party just to prove and play a political card time… and after few years he was even appointed as an mla from by the same political party….
    It really sad to see… people have become more smart to make others fool and mostly of us are happy being fool …
    It is really sad for entire humanity…
    Really sad.

  2. What about 9-11, 26-11, Charlie Hebdo, Train blasts in Mumbai, Ariana Grande Concert bombing , Sword Stabbing Incident? And also the several churches destroyed by Pisslim forces in Iran, Iraq, Saudi

  3. The Religion is the opium of the masses and these are the people who are best at selling the opium…This is really unfortunate and at times hilarious of Muslims that while the rest of the world is moving towards the greater development to its people the Islamic world is still obsessed with the religion and ethanocentricism…I don't know what and where they are letting themselves in for…!

  4. Good knowledge can manipulate anything… he just put urban naxals with religion.. these people fighting for land not for religion or name of god. He just fooled everybody.

  5. Yes all these attack this man talk was done due to serval reason like land, food, property etc etc but non of them done due to religious basic but today the base of attack is religious that why many called all terrorists are Muslim because they do such action due to his personal beliefs in short terrorist are terrorists but if they involved religious element to support himself then after they called religious terrorists and yes that is happening

  6. This man really crazy he is talking about Israel and Jewish people who was welcomed by plastine people this is not true actual fact is that jews were there at the time of your musa ( mussac) but due to war and political reasons they ( jews ) forced to different part of world and one more thing why he talk about 20th century as we live in 21th century

  7. My physics teacher is Muslim.
    My Muslim friend is very helpful.
    We never differentiate Who is Hindu or Who is Muslim though I am Hindu.
    Love you from India 🇮🇳
    May God Bless You.
    According to me Allah gives the punishment to terrorists.

  8. With all this Data Mr.Naik is Justifying Islamic Terror n ISIS.. Distorting History n painting all other religions as bigger demon .Do v need such hate preachers in the world?? Countries like Malaysia is Giving political assuylm.

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