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REMASTERED: Glimpses of Deedat on BBC 1 ‘Is Anybody There?’ Debate

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Deedat shines in a dynamic debate on God’s existence and divine communication – Did God Create Man Or Did Man Create God?

Step into this remastered edition of “Is Anybody There?”, a thought-provoking TV debate featured on BBC 1, where Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, amidst scholars from Christianity, Judaism, and atheism, presents the Islamic viewpoint with eloquence and precision. Hosted by Julia Neuberger, this engaging program witnesses Deedat sharing profound insights on the existence of God and His communication with humanity. Not just a passive participant, Deedat’s interactions with the audience highlight his conviction and the depth of his faith. Now enhanced for a clearer viewing experience, join us in revisiting Deedat’s impactful contributions to this lively discussion.

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