Prophet Jesus in the Quran

prophet jesus in the quran


In the teachings of Islam, Jesus (Isa in Arabic) is revered as one of the greatest and most distinguished Prophets sent by Allah. The Quran offers a profound narrative of his life, mission, and spirituality, providing a unique, enlightening, inspiring perspective. This short blog explores the Quranic depiction of Jesus, emphasising his remarkable status and the lessons we can derive from his story.

The Miraculous Birth of Jesus

The Quran narrates the story of Jesus’ birth in a manner that highlights the power and majesty of Allah. Unlike the Biblical account, the Quran emphasises the miraculous nature of Jesus’ birth to the Virgin Mary (Maryam), affirming his creation by the command of Allah without a father. “She said, ‘How can I have a son when no man has touched me and I am not a loose woman?’ He said, ‘That is how it will be; your Lord said, this is easy for me, and We shall make him a sign of Our Kindness for people, a command, done!’ (Maryam: 20-21). This narrative underscores the theme of divine intervention and the special status granted to Jesus and his mother, Mary.

Jesus as a Prophet and Messenger

In Islam, Jesus is not only seen as a prophet but also as a messenger who came with clear signs from Allah. He was sent to the Children of Israel to reaffirm the teachings of previous prophets and to bring a new scripture, the Injeel (Gospel). The Quran says, “And, as a Messenger to the Israelites, he (Jesus) will tell them: “I have come to you with miracles from your Lord. I will create for you a model of a bird from clay, and with Allah’s approval, when I blow on it, it will become a living bird. With Allah’s approval, I will heal the blind, the leper, and I will bring the dead back to life, and I will tell you what you ate and what you stockpile in your homes. In that there is a sign for you, if you are believers” (Ale Imran: 49).

The Message of Peace and Compassion

One of the most profound aspects of Jesus’ message, as presented in the Quran, is his emphasis on peace, compassion, and love. He is depicted as a gentle soul, calling people towards righteousness and away from the materialistic allure of the world. His teachings in the Quran reflect a deep spiritual wisdom and a call to worship Allah with sincere devotion. “And [Jesus said], ‘Allah is mine and your Lord, so worship Him: this is the straight path’ (Ale Imran: 51).

The Crucifixion and Beyond

The Quran presents a narrative of the crucifixion of Jesus that differs significantly from Christian doctrine. It states that Jesus was not crucified but was raised up by Allah unto Himself. “They mockingly say: “We have killed the Messiah, Isa son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah,” though they didn’t kill him nor crucify him, but it appeared like that to them. Those who differed over the matter are still in doubt about him. They have no knowledge of it except speculation, and they certainly didn’t kill Isa..” (Nisa: 157). This verse highlights the exalted status of Jesus, who was protected by Allah.


Jesus in the Quran is a figure of great respect, embodying the essence of divine wisdom and the pursuit of a righteous path. His life as depicted in the Quran serves as a beacon of light for all humanity, guiding us towards compassion, mercy, and the unwavering worship of the one true God. For further reading on this topic, The Majestic Quran provides an accessible and insightful translation and commentary that brings the stories of the prophets, including Jesus, to life for contemporary readers.


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