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Palestine is THE HEART of every Muslim ❤️🇵🇸

Excerpt from our Podcast with Shaykh Yahya Al-Raaby.

Nasheed – Muad x Firas Ya Filistini

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  1. Tell that to Arab leaders like MBS of Saudi, UAE who shamelessly has normal ties with terrorists of israhell, clown king of Jordan who is a scared little cat and SISI who just sold Palestinians for 8 billion dollars.

  2. The name of every kid that is dead

    Yazan al masari 2
    Ibrahim al masari 11
    Yahya Khalifa 14
    Lina shaher
    Mustafa obaied 17
    Bashar samour 17
    Ibrahim hasaneyen 16
    Muhammad suleiman 16
    Husain hamad 11
    Bara al gharabel 6
    Rahat al masri 10
    Marwan al masri 7
    Hamza ali 12
    Hala al rifi 14
    Zaid al talebani 5
    Amar al almoor 11
    Hamada al amoor 13
    Khalied al kanoo 17
    Lina isa 14
    Bathena abid 6

    Ameer al tanani 7
    Adam al tanani 4
    Muhammad al tanani 3
    Ismaeel al tanani 8
    Ahmad al hawajiri 14
    Muhammad abu diyah
    Hoor al zamri 2
    Ibrahim al rantsi 1
    Fawziya Abu faris 17
    Islam al altar 8
    Amber al alter 6
    Muhammad al alter 1
    Abdullah jawda 17
    Suhaib al Hadid 13
    Abdul rahman al hadidi 8
    Usma al hadidi 6
    Maria abu hatab 8
    Yamen abu hatab 6
    Bilal abu hatab 9
    Yusuf abu hatab 11
    May they're soul rest in peace

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