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One Who deals in Riba (Interest),Will his fast be accepted? by Dr Zakir Naik

Dr. Zakir: As far as Riba is concerned, Riba is a major sin, it is Gunah-e-Kabira and Riba has been mentioned in the Quran in no less than 8 different places.

Allah mentions it in

Surah Ale Imran ch. 3 verse no. 130

In Surah Nisa ch. no. 4 verse no. 161

It’s mentioned thrice in

Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse no. 275

It’s also mentioned in Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse no. 276

And also in

Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse no. 278 & 279

And I’ll quote that last verse only, I don’t intend giving a speech.

Allah says in Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse no. 278 & 279 that

“Give up what remains of your demands of usury. And anyone who does not give up the demands of usury, interest, riba is the Arabic word. If anyone does not give up the demand of interest then take notice of a war from Allah and his Rasool”

If anyone deals in Riba, in interest, in usury Allah and His Rasool will wage a war against you. It’s more serious, it’s a bigger sin than having alcohol, it’s a bigger sin than talking drugs because when you have alcohol, when you take drugs, when you have pork it’s a big sin but Allah and His Rasool will not wage a war against you. But if you involve yourself in Riba whether take or give both, when you take interest or give interest, both of them are major sins. So if a person is involved in Riba, it will not break the fast per se, because I have told you things that break the fast I have told you total 10 things so this does not come in that but it’s a major sin. A person should abstain throughout his life especially in the month of Ramadhaan which is a month of forgiveness, month of blessing; it will only reduce his reward. What reward he gets for fasting, his fasting will not be nullified, it will not be invalidated but the reward will be reduced.

And as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) said, it’s a Sahih Hadith in

Sahih Bukhari Vol. no. 3, in the Book of Fasting, Hadith no. 1903 Our beloved Prophet said:

“A person who does not leave his false actions and false talks, Allah does not require him to leave his drink and eating”

Means a person who does not abstain from doing wrong things, saying wrong things, Haraam things, Allah does not require him to leave his eating and drinking.

So based on this it is Haraam, his reward for the month of fasting will be reduced, it may be nullified also.


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  1. Gold and other previous items was used for trade in the past. The value of those assets always increase.
    I will say that is the reason why riba is haram.
    Now that money is fiat and has no intrusive value and the value always depreciated.
    What should I do to not forbid from riba

  2. Prophet Mohammed pbuh has cursed (given Baddua) to the person charging and the person paying riba so it’s a humongous sin anyway but this makes it even bigger. If you have the Prophet’s (the best prophet and the best of creation’s) curse then your chances of jannah are very bad).

  3. Asalam o alaikum, janab me ye janna chahta hon quran me to srif RIBA (Sood khana wale) lene wala se aelane jang ka kaha gaya he, to is sorat me dono ko (sood khane wale, aur sood dene wale ko) same q kaha ja raha he. is k sath sath hadees me jo lene wale aur dene wale and us se sath witnesses and writer ko bhi is me qasoor war kaha ja raha he. to kis is hadees me koi condition apply hoti he kia?
    meri aik dukan he jo mene bank se loan leke open ki he, 4saal ho cuke hain, aur mazeed 4 saal ka laon utarna abhi baqi he. ab agr ye haram he, to is silsile me main kese is se jan churaon. please help. thanks

  4. In the end jesus the prophet will return..and he (jesus) will make war on zionist jew and christian alliance becoz they made usury (interest) permissable thru banks throughout the world.. as was the first time he wage war against (pharises jews) during his time for collecting usury, this time he will again wage war against them again and complete his mission.. THIS IS THE TRUTH… "and they plans GOD also plan,but GOD is the best planners…(AL Quran)

  5. Salam. Take your own advise, my brother (if you're Muslim). Study the Qur'an with the intend to follow, not to justify your action or interpret at your whim. Study well the subject of banking, and you'll know even 0.0001% or any number of interest rates, is haraam. The effect of Usury has pulled so many people and nations as slaves to those serving the devil.

  6. I fully support your statement. Many people in response to Allah's command on the prohibition of riba do indeed say "This is not haraam in Islam, this is business."… What an utter lie!

  7. True indeed. How I'm disappointed with so many people even Islamic "scholars" saying it's okay to take loans from Banks, and Fractional Reserve Banking is acceptable… what lunacy. Riba or Usury, do creates an undesirable society in a "chain-reaction" way so obvious to a thinking mind, yet so few people realize this.

  8. Reasons why it would be haram:
    – Entire countries become in debt (I suggest you do research on Nigeria regarding this).
    – Riba is based on greed and selfishness.
    – It is a major contributing factor to inflation.
    – The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Creating an undesirable society.
    These are just a few reasons…
    Brother I suggest you keep away from it. Do not adapt to the western ways of society.

  9. Where does it say the Qur'an allows a small gain from interest? The very meaning of 'Riba' means ‘to increase’, ‘to grow’, and ‘to exceed’ which would mean even if 1 cent is gained it is is an increase. ANY increase is forbidden through interest. Usury floats in the same boat.
    While you look at it from a banking and finance perceptive the rest of us look at it through Gods perspective and there are many reasons why it is in fact forbidden.

  10. The Qur'an allows to take a small gain for business and in practice, thats what todays interest rates on 3-7% are, a small gain. Eating up Riba should be translated as eating up excess, or eating up usury i.e. taking excess gains or excess interest rates as in being greedy. Well, that is prohibited in law and in other major religions.

    See? Studying the Qur'an with ignorance to the subject matter (banking and finance) will make you interpret things incorrectly. Be a wise man instead.

  11. Now you dont know what interest is, thats your problem. Usury is not the same as interest rates, what kind of stupid translation is that? Interest rate is business profit, how a bank takes a gain from the business they are doing the same as all businesses (including the ones the prophet carried out). Without profit, a business does not survive.

    I am a banker and I know many muslim bankers, we are not sinners anymore than any other business man and only Allâh is sufficient to judge us.

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