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Muslims Follow Jesus (pbuh) more than the Christians – Dr Zakir Naik

Muslims Follow Jesus (pbuh) more than the Christians – Dr Zakir Naik

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  1. A book from God MUST have ZERO contradictions

    For God so loved the criminals that he gave his only son,that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life ( John 3 : 16 ) VS God will render to each person according to their deeds ( Romans 2 : 6 )

    Jesus laid down his life for us ( 1 John 3 : 16 ) VS Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "my God, my God, why have you forsaken me? ( Matthew 27 : 46 )

    But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” ( Matthew 5:44 ) VS Jesus said “all who do not want me to rule over them, slay them ( Luke 19: 27 )

  2. Why lots of Muslim men don't follow Islam rules towards non Muslims women?. My friend who is Christian telling me she have profile on dating side and lots Muslims talk to her about sex etc and she says to me "how come so many Muslims men talk about sex with her if this is prohibited in Islam to have sex outside marriage". She show me this messages and I see also they are put on the status that they are Muslims… I convert to Islam I am Muslim I learn about Islam, but I worry that I not find Muslim man that follow Islam rules

  3. The thing is some get so trapped in their understanding they don't see they follow only the will of evil not GOD not a Religious competition but a path to Unity some should analyze their intentions to protect their own image GOD IS REAL ❤️🕋🦾😇

  4. ईसा मसीह के बाद अगर कोई नया नबी आयेगा झूठा नबी कहलायेगा ओपन चैलेंच 💪

  5. 🧕🤲Free Palestine
    From Palestine, Gaza City
    call from Gaza from the midst of war death, hunger, destruction and pain. To the lovers of goodness, a kind greeting to every Muslim from a Palestinian mother from Gaza. The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “We will never diminish the money you have given in charity.” narrated by Muslim
    """" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "'" ""''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''🤲
    I have four orphan children, and we are in the midst of a war of extermination, displacement, hunger, pain, wounds, and deprivation. They were martyred in this war. My family and now I'm alone without a father. Today, I make this appeal to you from among the rubble and destruction, my brothers. I live under difficult circumstances, an unjust siege, and a blind war that destroyed my city in which I live, and my home that houses my children’s dreams. Today, I found myself living on top of the ruins of my home in a tent no more than a few meters long, with me and my four children. This is a very difficult thing that no human being can bear. I live in very difficult conditions without food, water, and flour due to the siege, and we drink water. Polluted due to lack of money and my children’s fear of war, and now I am asking for help and assistance in order to restore the smile of life to my children, and I am in dire need of your contribution in order to rebuild my house that was demolished, and I ask (00970592511969)I wrote to you these short words that do not express a little of the pain and wounds that we are experiencing in Gaza, and I write these words to you while tears do not leave my eyes from the pain and cruelty of life. I hope that you will be supporters of my cause in all parts of the world and the ugliness of the injustice that we live in every day, but every minute. We lose loved ones every day. And do not forget the difficulty of life in a small tent that does not exceed a few meters. God was a protector for us from the heat of summer and the cold of winter in the tent, and today all my dreams are to drink a drop of cold, clean water in the summer and feed my children. Praise be to God in any case, this is God’s command. Note: I have a child who is sick in the eye, and he is forbidden by the doctor’s prescription from high heat and sunlight. How can he be in a very hot tent? Therefore, I ask you to help me in maintaining my house.
    """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""يارب قد دقت الدنيا بنا وانت ارحم الراحمين نداء
    انا عندي اربع طفال ونحن فى ظل حرب الاباده والتهجير والتجويع والالم والجراح والحرمان لقد استشهدوا في هذا الحرب اسرتي وانا الان وحيدة بلا اب واليوم ارسل ندائي هذا من بين الركام والدمار لكم يا إخوتي انا اعيش في ظل ظروف صعبة و حصار ظالم وحرب عمياء ولقد دمرت مدينتي التي اعيش فيها و دمر بيتي الذي يؤوي احلام اطفالي واليوم لقد وجدت نفسي اعيش فوق ركام بيتي في خيمه لا تتجاوز عدت امتار انا واطفالي الاربعه هذا امر صعب جداً لا يتحمله إنسان واعيش ظروف صعبه جداً بدون طعام وماء و طحين بسبب الحصار ونشرب الماء الملوث بسبب قلت الاموال وخوف اطفالي من الحرب والان اطلب يد العون والمساعدة لكي اعيد بسمة الحياة الي اطفالي وانا في امس الحاجه الي المساهمه لكي اعيد بناء بيتي الذي هدم و ارجو منكم المساهمة كتبت لكم هذي الكلمات القصيرة التي لا تعبر الى القليل من الالم والجراح الذي نعيشه فى غزة واكتب لكم كلماتي هذه والدموع لا تفارق عيني من الالم وقسوة الحياة ارجو منكم ان تكونو مناصرين إلى قضيتي في جميع انحاء العالم وقبح الظلم الذي نعيشه في كل يوم بل كل دقيقه ونحن نفقد الاحبه كل يوم. ولا تنسو صعوبة الحياة في خيمة صغيرة لا تتعدى بعض الامتار كان الله لنا معين من حم الصيف والبرد الشتاء فى الخيمة واليوم كل احلامي ان اشرب نقطة ماء باردة ونظيفه في الصيف وطعام اطفالي. الحمدلله على كل حال هذا امر الله.~~♡~♡~

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