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Muslims Cheating Welfare | Mohamed Hoblos

Reminder from brother Mohamed Hoblos.


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  1. I've learned many years ago and it never fails, if I lie about being sick – I get sick. If I take something that doesn't belong to me no matter how small – I lose something of greater value. It is just not worth it. Be truthful, honest, and humble.

  2. I'll say this A mother will do whatever she has to in order to survive. So judge all you want but I take my hat off to those women for doing what they had to religious or not no one should ever have their kids starve.

  3. كان نبي الله يحذر أصحابه دائمًا: “ تأكد من أن كل ما تأكله وكل ما تربحه حلال. لماذا ا؟ لأن له تأثير مباشر على علاقتنا بالله سبحانه وتعالى ''. وأخيرًا أولئك الذين يدعون لي: "يا أخي ، نحن نعيش في دولة غير مسلمة ونحن في حالة حرب ، لذلك يجوز لنا الكذب". من أين حصلت على هذه؟ ثم عندما ننظر إلى نبينا الحبيب محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ، انظروا إلى ما كان عليه. عندما كان في حالة حرب حقيقية ، وكان أهل مكة من بعده. وكان لديهم فضل على رأسه. وكانوا يسعون وراءه ليقتلوه ويكونوا راسه. ونبي الله لئلا تذهب مكة إلى المدينة. ماذا فعل؟ كان هذا رجلاً كان حتى غير المسلمين يشهدون به ويقولون إنه الصادق الأمين. وكانوا يتركون متعلقاتهم وما هو ثمين عنده. فلما خرج من مكة إلى المدينة وكان معه ممتلكاتهم ماذا فعل؟ ترك ابن عمه علي بن أبي طالب. قال: عليّ إبقَت ، وأردت هؤلاء غير المسلمين عليهم ما لهم ''. لماذا ا؟ إذا كنت أنا وأنت ، "من يهتم بشقهم ، خذ أغراضهم واهرب!" لا ، هذا ليس الإسلام. لقد ترك رسول الله علي علي ليعيد أهله. لأننا كمسلم لا نأخذ أي شيء لا يخصنا ، حتى لو كان في الدقيقة. ونسأل الله أن يربطنا ممن يكتسبون الحلال فقط ، وأن يجعلنا نعمة في معيشتنا وأكلنا.

  4. It's people like that , that ruin the economy and lives of the hardworking.

    I work typically 60 hours a week. I have been working for over 9 years. Yet I can afford a comfortable home for my family due to increasing taxes and costs of living. But the man down the street, claims state welfare and is provided with a free government home. Yet he works in restaurant and part time taxi and never declares his correct income.

    I don't mind paying my taxes but when you see people abusing the system, it just enrages you.

  5. If you live in a country where you are allowed One wife ,move , if you don’t like it move where it is allowed, AND if you’ve claimed for more than one then they shop be jailed,they know its not allowed.

  6. I've sat with so many brothers hearing them discuss "smart ways" of getting refunds from government tax, welfare benefits and everything is based on either lying directly or slightly bending the truth (lying lawyer style). It's shocking how normal it is

  7. “O you who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves unjustly” [al-Nisa’ 4:29]

    And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “It is not permissible to take the wealth of a Muslim except with his consent.” (Narrated by imaam Ahmad and classed as saheeh by shaikh al-Albaani in al-Irwa’, 1459). This general rule applies to the property of non-Muslims too.

    Not only that fraud and deception is impermissible as the brother (جزاه الله خيرا) mentioned, but the whole welfare system nowadays in different countries is rooted in socialism which is unjustly taking and redistributing wealth which is not permitted in Islaam. Also there are many narrations from rasoolillaah صلى الله عليه وسلم prohibiting begging and encouraging hard work. Truly, the upper hand (the one that is self sufficient and gives) is better than the lower hand (the one that begs and humiliates). Just as in the past people accepted islaam by seeing the generosity of Muslims, people are turned away from Islam because of the actions of these cheaters and beggars. We ask Allaah taalaa for guidance

  8. Thank you for bringing this situation out into the open. You’re right to bring it up as… no matter what religion, ALL humans must be honest. Sometimes people need to accept charity in order to survive, but lying and cheating is wrong. And if people are having more children simply to gain more money from the government … and I know some… then I simply lose all respect for them. Has to be the biggest insult a child could ever experience… a pawn for the parents to gain money! Wow!
    If we live like this we simply pollute our planet

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